TheESP – Ep. #291 – Broken System, Broken Neck



According to chiropractors, broken necks are within “good practice”.

In this episode we catch up on last weekend with Hungaro Con and SkepKon. We also mention last week’s Ig Nobel Prizes and how the ISS does not seem to agree with the Russians any more. The upcoming German election gets a mention and in This Week in Skepticism we discuss the miraculous portrait of Saint Dominic in Soriano, before briefly discussing the Pope’s latest adventures. After that we dig into the news:

  • EUROPE: Failure to follow routine vaccination schedules
  • INTERNATIONAL: Hundreds of medical journals unite to urge climate action
  • GERMANY: No, the government did not stop using COVID-vaccines
  • ICELAND: Largest carbon capture device ever built just became operational
  • ARGENTINA: German MMS salesman arrested

The General Chiropractic Council (the GCC) in the UK gets today’s prize for being Really Wrong, since they think killing a patient is “good practice”.


Segments: Intro; Greetings; This Week In Skepticism; Pontus Pokes The Pope; News; Really Wrong; Quote And Farewell; Outro; Out-Takes;
0:00:27 INTRO




  • Frankie goes to Hungary

0:17:27 NEWS



    “All that was required to measure the planet was a man with a stick and a brain. In other words, couple an intellect with some experimental apparatus and almost anything seems achievable.”
    / Simon Singh (19 September 1964 – ), British popular science author, theoretical and particle physicist /

0:42:39 OUTRO

0:43:54 OUT-TAKES

TheESP – Ep. #290 – Trypanophobia

TheESP – Ep. #290 – Trypanophobia

Fear of needles is probably a big factor in vaccine hesitancy.
In this episode we first mention that Sweden just announced an end to Corona restrictions as per the end of this month and we question if that's that really wise. This week marks twenty years since 9/11 and the repercussions are still with us. The pope has been saying some strange things lately, and is he really well? Then we get into the news:
  • UK: Four Met Police officers injured in anti-vaccine protest
  • SWEDEN / GENERAL: Why people wait to get vaccinated
  • GERMANY: Two cool things ...
TheESP – Ep. #289 – Herd Immunity

TheESP – Ep. #289 – Herd Immunity

Don't take Ivermectin!
In this episode we first have a few events to plug: The launching of the book Fake! in Budapest, Congreso Esceptico in Spain, Skeptics in the Pub Online about 9/11 and the upcoming Ig Nobel ceremony. In This Week we discuss Mary Shelley who was born this week in 1797 and then we skip the pope and instead plunge into the news:
  • Continued demonstrations against the vaccine passports
  • Researchers in UK: We probably shouldn't use the word 'Infodemic'
  • Do not take Ivermectin!
  • What exactly did Martin Luther say about life in times of plague?
  • ...
TheESP – Ep. #288 – Fake! with Annemarie Bon

TheESP – Ep. #288 – Fake! with Annemarie Bon

In this episode we interview Dutch writer, science populariser and educator Annemarie Bon, who’s many works focus on helping children understand the world around us. Having started her career as a biochemical engineer, she later turned towards writing for children and she was editor-in-chief of the children’s magazine Taptoe until 2001. The Hungarian translation of her latest book Fake! is just about to get published and we thought it would be a good idea to have her on the show to talk about the book and what it has to offer to kids and adults alike. Enjoy! The ...
TheESP – Ep. #287 – What's Wrong with a Little Tantra?

TheESP – Ep. #287 – What’s Wrong with a Little Tantra?

In this episode we first plug the upcoming Skeptics in the Pub Online about 9/11, Luc Montagnier is the topic This Week in Skepticism and the Pope gets poked for nepotism and corruption. Then we dig into the news:
  • Grandma directed healthcare fraud through Black Magic
  • Sixth IPCC report on climate change - we're screwed
  • July warmest month on record – ever
  • Increasing covid cases in Iceland despite high vaccination rates
  • Covid test scams
  • Society of Homeopaths withdraws from the Accredited Registers programme of the Professional Standards Authority
The recent Swedish Tantra Festival was a Really ...

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