TheESP – Ep. #239 – “Gossip is Worse than Covid”


This week we start off with having a quick chat with our old buddy Michael (“Marsh”) Marshall regarding the relaunch of the UK magazine called the Skeptic.
In this week’s history segment we talk about the LHC that powered up 12 years ago this week without the world vanishing into a black hole, and then Pope Francis gets poked for several things, including his claim that gossip is worse than covid.
Speaking of covid-19, the pandemic gets a separate segment about the latest developments, before we get into the news:

  • The 1st randomised clinical trial of a Chinese herbal medicine for COVID-19
  • Medical Chamber issues statement condemning COVID-19 denier members
  • University of Kiel distances itself from infamous COVID-19 denier professor Sucharit Bhakdi
  • 30% of people in Spain have doubts about covid-19 vaccine
  • So, are women leaders really doing better in tackling COVID-19?
  • Survey – Young adults tend to take food supplements as replacement for drugs
  • Danish advocacy group against heart disease ends program involving healer
  • Grapefruit seed product that has everything in it but grapefruit seed extract
  • Latest book of Edzard Ernst ‘Chiropractic: Not All That It’s Cracked Up to Be’ published
  • New study shows difference in nerve cells before birth for autistic people

The prize for being Really Wrong goes to the bigoted Bishops in Poland who wants to start Church sanctioned conversion therapy clinics, fully aware that they do not work.


Intro; Greetings; Short Interview; This Week; Pontus Pokes the Pope; News; Really Wrong; Quote and Farewell; Outro; Out-takes

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0:00:34 INTRO


The Merseyside Skeptics has taken over management of the UK magazine, “The Skeptic”.

At CERN in Switzerland the Large Hadron Collider (LCH) was powered up on 10 September 2008.

“Gossip is worse than covid”!

0:37:24 COVID-19 Update

0:43:21 NEWS

Bishops in Poland Calling for Conversion Therapy Clinics

“Even the fact that competent experts must serve under politicians of mediocre intelligence and little foresight is a problem that we are stuck with, because the experts themselves cannot agree on any major world issue. A logocracy of quarreling experts might be no better than the rule of the mediocrities to which we are subject. The declining intellectual quality of political leadership is the result of the growing complexity of the world. Since no one, be he endowed with the highest wisdom, can grasp it in its entirety, it is those who are least bothered by this who strive for power.”

/ Stanisław Lem, 12 or 13 September 1921 – 27 March 2006 was a Polish writer known for his satirical, philosophical and science-fiction works /

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TheESP – Ep. #192 – Dark Side of the Moon


This week we first have a look to see if it was really the President of Finland who said he preferred reindeer to Trump before we congratulate the Spanish Skeptics for ceasing the opportunity of the Nobel week to point out what the ‘Nobel disease’ is in the mainstream media. We also remember the mockumentary ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ that premiered this week 17 years ago.
Social media is tough to handle, as pope Francis discovered when accidentally tagging an NFL football team on Twitter, much to the delight of all the fans. Meanwhile his synod on the Amazon is fully underway, and we report on the latest developments.
In the news, we report on the Global Vaccination Summit on-line, discuss the anti-gay sentiments in France, Flat Earthers in the Netherlands and the rising homeopathy resistance in Germany. We also discuss illegal circumcisions in Sweden, a new skeptical book from CICAP in Italy and the start of a huge medical lawsuit in France.
We end by handing yet another Really Wrong for covering up sex abuse in the Catholic Church, this time to Swedish Cardinal Anders Arborelius.
Give it a listen!

Intro; Greetings; Pontus Pokes the Pope; News; Really Wrong; Quote and Farewell; Outro; Out-takes

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Do the President of Finland really prefer reindeer and snowballs to Trump? We would not blame him if that was the case, but in fact he did not say so in a video circulated on-line. The Spanish Skeptics ARP-SAPC and Círculo Escéptico took the opportunity apropos Nobel week to spread some knowledge about the ‘Nobel Disease’ in the Spanish newspaper ABC. Well done!

0:10:00 This Week in Skepticism

The ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ mockumentary was released on October 16, 2002.

0:15:20 Pontus Pokes the Pope – the Synod for the Amazon is in full swing

Why stop at married priests, why not women too. At least if they all stay celibate…

0:19:50 News

INTERNATIONAL: Global Vaccination Summit to fight vaccine hesitancy

FRANCE: Anti-gay demonstrations against new IVF law

THE NETHERLANDS:  0.9 per cent of Dutch people believe the Earth is flat

GERMANY: Homeopathy – even the SPD now supports defunding homeopathy

SWEDEN: Illegal Circumcisions in Sweden

ITALY: New book by Berti & Garlaschelli: The detective of the incredible

FRANCE: Mammoth trial begins for Mediator scandal

00:37:51 Really Wrong: Swedish Cardinal Arborelius admits to having covered up sex abuse

00:41:34 Quote and Goodbye

“Most often people seek in life occasions for persisting in their opinions rather than for educating themselves.”

/ André Paul Guillaume Gide, 22 November 1896 – 19 February 1951. French author and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature /

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