TheESP – Ep. #244 – Go Women in Science!


This week we start by celebrating that several women received the Nobel Prize this year. Well deserved and a good trend! We also look at the latest Global warming news delivered by Copernicus. We may need to find another planet to live on… In this week in history we get nostalgic about QED which was supposed to happen this week, but hey, we have many fond memories from previous years to look back on!

Then we dive into the news:

  • New pre-bunking online game GoViral to be used to counter COVID-misinformation
  • Surveys in different countries reveal many young people lack basic knowledge about the Holocaust
  • Homeopathy no longer exclusive to pharmacies in Norway
  • Latest attempts to legitimize homeopathy in Austria
  • 46% of Hungarians would not get vaccinated against COVID
  • The most compelling evidence for the existence of Nessie yet?
  • Most ambitious climate law voted on by European Parliament
  • EarthShot Prize for solutions to global climate issues


Intro; Greetings; This Week; News; Really Wrong; Quote and Farewell; Outro; Out-takes

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“Those who fall in love with practice without science are like a sailor who enters a ship without a helm or a compass, and who never can be certain whither he is going.”
/ Leonardo da Vinci (14/15 April 1452 – 2 May 1519), Italian polymath of the High Renaissance /

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TheESP – Ep. #187 – Antibiotic Resistance Worse Than Climate Change?

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This week we celebrate the birthday of the ‘Ask for Evidence’ campaign, the Pope gets stuck in an elevator and we debunk three myths about the Amazon forest fires.
Counterfeit Medicine is a growing threat to society, even more European countries lose their status a s ‘measles free’ and there are still repercussions in Sweden of the Macchiarini scandal in 2015.
Yoga may be good for preventing cardiovascular problem (but there are many questions still), what used to be the highest peak in Sweden has melted and is now number two and some say antibiotic resistance could be worse than climate change.
We finish off by awarding the BBC a Really Wrong award for thinking scientists believe Nessie could be a big eel.

Intro; Greetings; This Week; Pontus Pokes the Pope; News; Really Wrong; Quote and Farewell; Outro; Out-takes

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00:00:51 Greetings

Next week we promise we will have more interviews from ESC 2019. The Swedish Skeptics (VoF) want everyone to come and meet them at the Gothenburg Book Fair, don’t be shy! If you want to volunteer please get in touch.

00:06:44 This Week in Skepticism

Ask for evidence campaign was launched 14 September 2011

00:08:58 Pontus Pokes the Pope – Stuck in an elevator, appointing new cardinals.

00:13:20 Skeptical News

THE AMAZON: Three myths about the Amazon forest fires

SWEDEN: Counterfeit medicine an increasing threat to society

EUROPE: Measles update: Albania, Czech Republic and Greece and UK

SWEDEN: Macchiarini update: Government suggests new rules to ensure ethical research

INTERNATIONAL: Who says it’s all negative? The addition of yoga to aerobic exercise programs reduces global cardiovascular risk (maybe)

SWEDEN: Highest mountain in Sweden has lost 15 meters since the 70s

UK: ‘Antibiotic resistance could kill us before climate change,’ says UK health chief

00:32:26 Really Wrong: To the BBC for stupid Loch Ness article

00:35:21 Quote and Goodbye

“There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”
/ Aristotle, 384–322 BC, Greek philosopher /

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