Skeptic events in Europe

Are you an organizer of a 'Skeptics in the Pub', a conference or any other kind of event that skeptics might find interesting or you happen to know of gatherings like that? Let us know by sending an email to!

August 2017

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  • GREENWICH: Crowd-sourced evidence hunting - Ask for Evidence campaign, Chris Peters
  • OXFORD: How Science Got Women Wrong, Angela Saini
  • HIGH WYCOMBE: Skeptics in the Pub - Social
  • LIVERPOOL: Merseyside Skeptics Board Meeting
  • TEESIDE: Conspiracy Theories, Dr Daniel Jolley
  • BARNSLEY: The Science of Kink, Elisa Solaris
  • LVERPOOL: Skeptics in the Pub Social
  • DELFT: SitP Social
  • AMSTERDAM: Intermezzo: Social Meetup!
  • EDINBURGH: Skeptics on the Fringe 2017
  • EDINBURGH: Skeptics on the Fringe 2017 – Our Friends on the Fringe
  • EDINBURGH: Prof. Tim Whitmarsh – The View from the Barrel: Atheism in Ancient Greece
  • HIGH WYCOMBE: Skeptics in the Pub - Social
  • GÖTEBORG: Full Moon Pub
  • COPENHAGEN: Jesper Mehlsen: HPV-vaccinen og påståede bivirkninger
  • GLASGOW: Glasgow Skeptics visit Café Scientifique: PTSD
  • EDINBURGH: Dr Dean Harris – Beagle 2: how the UK became the third nation to land on Mars
  • LVERPOOL: Skeptics in the Pub Social
  • EDINBURGH: Prof. Kathy Whaler – Why the compass needle points North
  • GLASGOW: A Skeptic's Guide to Ghost Hunting: Hayley Stevens
  • STOKE: All politics is local?, Dr Christopher Huggins
  • BOURNEMOUTH: Danger! High Voltage, Mark Dallas
  • NEWCASTLE: Open Mic Night
  • EDINBURGH: Dr Smith The Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies – Zombie Science, Genes of the Damned!
  • EDINBURGH: Hayley Stevens – A Skeptic’s Guide to Ghost Hunting
  • OSLO: Skeptikertreff (SiTP Social)
  • EDINBURGH: Lydia Finch – Cults and Skepticism: How one ex Jehovah’s Witness fell into the ‘trap of independent thinking’
  • STOCKHOLM: Skeptikerpubpicknick - Picknick i kräfttider
  • EDINBURGH: Dr. Grant Ritchey – Dental Pseudoscience
  • EDINBURGH: Miss Twist – Skeptics’ Alphabet: From Z To A
  • AMSTERDAM: Social Meetup!
  • GLASGOW: Nature's Tiny Machines - Dr Drew Thomson
  • EDINBURGH: Deborah Hyde – Interview with a Vampire Expert
  • HAMBURG: Skeptics in the Pub mit Florian Freistetter
  • LEICESTER: Creative approaches to helping people with dementia to live well, Claire Garabedian
  • EDINBURGH: Dr Louise Todd: The Fringe – my BFF
  • LUND: Konsten att inte dö av sepsis - Veronica Gardell
  • EDINBURGH: Dr Alice Howarth – Cancer cures – are we nearly there yet?
  • LIVERPOOL: Katie Steckles: Nerdy Life Hacks
  • EDINBURGH: Michael Marshall – Bad News: From PR to Fake News, why the media fall for falsehoods
  • EDINBURGH: Prof. Francesca Stavrakopoulou – The invention of God and the Devil
  • EDINBURGH: Britt Marie Hermes – Alas! I Was a Quack
  • EDINBURGH: Skeptics on the Fringe 2017 – Our Friends on the Fringe
  • GLASGOW: Alas! I Was a Quack: Britt Marie Hermes
  • EDINBURGH: Dr Paul Dimeo – Why drug testing in sport is such a failure
  • CAMBRIDGE: Your Brain STILL Hates You, Andrew Dart
  • EDINBURGH: Dr Lesley Henderson & Dr Simon Carter – Doctors in Space: Popular images of medicine and technology
  • BRISTOL: Bobby Stuijfzand: An Explosion of Data – Applications and Implications of a Data-Driven Society
  • EDINBURGH: Dr Madeleine Berg – How fantastic is plastic?
  • IPSWICH: Animation Automation and Meet the Animators Tech Talk
  • BRIGHTON: The Angry Chef - Bad Science and the Truth about Healthy Eating, Anthony Warner
  • MANCHESTER: Soapbox Special
  • EDINBURGH: Dr Katie Steckles – Mathematical Life Hacks
  • WORTHING: Sea Shepherds talk, Two Anonymous Volunteers
  • MANCHESTER: Soapbox Special 2017
  • EDINBURGH: Heather Pentler - Autism Myths
  • CANCELLED! EDINBURGH: Dr Kate Lister – Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: The History of Pubic Hair
  • BRUXELLES: Pique-nique sceptique
  • BEAUVECHAIN: Salon des sciences Belgium
  • STOCKHOLM: Slutna Religiösa Samfund – Effekt och Påverkan - Vera-Linn Langängen
  • EDINBURGH: Real Forensic Science – past, present and future, a conversation with Prof Niamh NicDaeid, Prof Dame Sue Black and Val McDermid
  • BEAUVECHAIN: Salon des sciences Belgium - Astonomy Observation
  • EDINBURGH: Tamasin Cave – Lobbying and the distortion of our democracy
  • SHEFFIELD: Media Influence and Childhood Obesity, Laura von Nordheim
  • GLASGOW: Paleoclimatic Reconstruction: Insights from Haptophyte Algae
  • YORK: Cancer cures – are we nearly there yet?, Dr Alice Howarth
  • MANCHESTER: Universal: A Guide to the Cosmos - Prof. Jeff Forshaw
  • KÖLN: Skeptiker-Stammtisch in Köln