Really Wrong

Alphabetical list of all the Really Wrong Awards

Access Consciousness:
#053: “Access Consciousness”

Adam Niedzielski :
#302: Polish health minister says restrictions are not very effective at limiting pandemic

Adriano Panzironi:
#194: Adriano Panzironi claims his diets and supplements cure cancer and make you 120 years old

Adults attacking Greta Thunberg:
#168: Grown people are attacking 16-year old Greta Thunberg because they cannot find any proper arguments

Advance Pharma:
#286: UK: Advance Pharma increased price with 6000% on critical drug

AI vs. People:
#054: AI vs people in writing Christmas songs and poems

Alberto Zangrillo:
#225: Alberto Zangrillo, Director of the Terapia intensiva del San Raffaele in Milan, for saying that SARS-CoV-2 no longer exists

Alternative practioners in Austria:
#377: Investigations underway regarding the death of 14 year-old as a result of rejecting treatment

Anders Arborelius:
#192: Swedish Cardinal Arborelius admits to having covered up sex abuse

András Pintér:
#017: András

Andrew Bridgen:
#357: British MP Andrew Bridgen claims that mRNA covid vaccines are not safe, not effective, and not necessary
#361: Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, who was expelled from party for comparing COVID vaccinations to Holocaust

Andrzej Duda:
#421: Polish president Andrzej Duda vetoes contraception access

Andrzej Dziega:
#214: POLAND: Andrzej Dziega, Archbishop of Szczecin-Kamien claiming Holy water and communion “cannot spread virus”

Anthroposophs in Germany:
#339: To anthroposophs in Germany for trying to sue critics and taking them to court:

Anti-choice forces in UK Upper House:
#408: Anti-choice forces in the UK Upper house

Anti-covid demonstrators:
#234: Anti-covid demonstrators in Berlin

Antivaxx movement:
#404: For using Matthew Perry’s death for their propaganda and calling him a victim of the covid vaccination

Anyone promoting unnecessary tongue web cut:
#279: Unnecessary surgery in new-borns the new alt-med

Association of Catholic Doctors:
#019: To the ‘Association of Catholic Doctors’, believers in religious nonsense, claiming to treat something that is not a disease, with something that is not medicine.

Ayahuasca International:
#031: Shaman serves drugs in Swedish summer camp “Inner Evolution Retreat”

Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic:
#002: Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic opens its first homeopathic store in the UK with no evidence for their claims.

Bavarian State Government:
#197: The Bavarian State Government wants to fight multi-resistance with – Homeopathy!

#187: To the BBC for stupid Loch Ness article
#403: To the BBC and Michael Mosley, for not taking their responsibilities seriously in the Just One Thing podcast

Bnois Jerusalem Girls School:
#363: UK Private faith school Bnois Jerusalem Girls School in North London for teaching creationism instead of science

Brian Clement:
#027: Brian Clement and the Hippocrates Institute for promoting quackery

Brilliant Minds Foundation:
#175: ‘Brilliant minds’: Barack Obama, Greta Thunberg – and Gwyneth f-cking Paltrow(!)

British Chiropractic Association:
#067: Finally, the British Chiropractic Association wins the Really Wrong price for still “happily promoting bogus treatments”.

Dr Cameron Sepah:
#199: Dopamine Fasting: The Silliest Thing We’ve Heard in a Long Time

Camilla, Queen Consort of the UK:
#351: Camilla went to India to cleanse her chakras

Cancer quacks who profit on desperate people:
#089: Crowdfunding trips to Alternative Cancer Clinics in Mexico

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden:
#359: The Swedish King says his son should have remained first in line, rather than his older sister, the current crown princess Viktoria

the Catholic Church:
#083: The Catholic Church for abusing children
#159: Really Wrong price goes to the Catholic Church for being sloppy in their investigations regarding miracles performed by their saints.

the Catholic Church in Germany:
#311: the Catholic Church in Germany for forcing people to hide their true nature in fear of being fired

Champions League:
#277: Champions League final in Porto, Man City vs. Chelsea

Charité Medical School, Berlin:
#376: Charité medical school in Berlin is paying to host a professorship for anthroposophical medicine

Clare Relton:
#270: Clare Relton, homeopath and researcher at Queen Mary University London, for teaching how to cheat RCTs

Climate Intelligence Foundation:
#191: Climate Intelligence Foundation for the letter signed by “500 scientists”

CNN et al.:
#364: Did the Earth’s core stop spinning? News outlets all over got it wrong

Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes:
#258: Ireland: “the commission of investigation into mother and baby homes”

#007: Communicology

La Conferencia Episcopal Española:
#305: La Conferencia Episcopal Española (CEE), the Spanish Bishops Conference, takes no action against child abuse scandal
#107: spreading misinformation about migration

Corona Ausschuss:
#304: Germany: The ‘Corona Committee’ spreads endless misinformation

Corriere Della Sera:
#207: ITALY: Corriere Della Sera Sneakily Promotes Pseudotherapies

#101: Italian anti-vaccers Corvelva and ‘dead’ baby picture:

the Daily Mail:
#071: The Daily Mail and tape worms against autism
#130: The Daily Mail on Chronic Lyme disease
#148: Really Wrong Award for spreading fake Brexit news.

Danderyd Hospital:
#316: Public hospital MD advocates raw food and breathing therapy for post-covid patients

Danish Government:
#111: Danish government to prohibit burka and hijab in public

Danish People’s Party:
#275: Danish People’s Party wants to bring back prayers in school to “protect Danish culture”

Danny Healy-Rae:
#037: Irish politician refers to Noah’s flood as “fact”

Davide Vannoni, Italian quack:
#049: Davide Vannoni, Italian stem cell quack

Dr Dawn Harper:
#041: Famous UK TV doctor recommends ear candling

Sir Desmond Swayne:
#260: Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne urged anti-vaxxers to ‘persist’ against COVID restrictions

Docrates Clinic:
#184: Experimental cancer clinic in Finland charges huge amounts

Dominik Duka:
#268: Czech Cardinal turns covid remembrance site into an anti-abortion mass

Durek Verrett:
#212: NORWAY: Norwegian Shaman and Boyfriend to the Princess, Durek Verrett, Publishes a “Cure” for Covid-19

Elke Sleurs:
#013: Elke Sleurs, Belgian State Secretary for Equal Opportunities, for training police in retrieving “suppressed memories” using hypnosis

Ellinor Grimmark and the Alliance Defending Freedom:
#298: Anti-abortion Midwife rightfully denied appeal in European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

Elsa Widding:
#349: Swedish MD Elsa Widding (Sweden Democrats) is an antivaxxer, and a crazy one, too.

Emmanuel Macron:
#218: The presidential curse(?): Macron adds to the hydroxychloroquine hype

Enoch Burke:
#342: Irish transphobic teacher Enoch Burke for keep showing up to work where nobody wants him
#365: Religious zealot Enoch Burke has served 108 days in jail and now has resumed showing up for school

Eric Clapton:
#285: Really Wrong 2: Eric Clapton refuses to “discriminate” antivaxxers
#311: Dishonorable mention: Eric Clapton says vaccinated people are under mass hypnosis

#073: The EU about GMO tomatoes
#195: EU GMO rules are bananas

EU Court of Justice:
#079: EU Court of Justice

EU Parliament:
#097: EU Parliament bans Glyphosate

#330: EUROCAM for lobbying for quackery

EuroNews et al.:
#364: Did the Earth’s core stop spinning? News outlets all over got it wrong

Everyone who signed Boiron petition:
#176: Over a million Really Wrong awards(!) to everyone that have signed Boiron’s desperate petition to keep public funding in France for useless homeopathy.

#033: Exorcism across Europe

#263: Facebook! for thinking the EUROPEAN Skeptics Podcast is an Australian news outlet

#343: FDP and German airlines for campaigning against masks on planes

Foundation for Radiation Safety:
#229: Swedish elementary school invest in “protection” against wi-fi

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:
#035: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for publishing an article in support of homeopathy on their science pages

French authorities:
#293: Osteopathy on the rise in France

French Waldorf teacher:
#382: French Waldorf teacher telling students to inhale smoke

Geert Vanden Bossche:
#269: Veterinarian Geert Vanden Bossche for spreading fear of vaccines with science sounding nonsense

Gemma O’Doherty:
#390: Irish Conspiracy theorist Gemma O’Doherty

General Chiropractic Council (UK):
#265: A lot chiropractors fail to inform patients of the risks
#291: Chiropractic Council finds chiropractor NOT guilty after killing patient

#430: Georgia To Advance Russian-style ‘LGBT Propaganda’ Legislation

German Airlines:
#343: FDP and German airlines for campaigning against masks on planes

German federal ministry:
#414: German federal ministry for funding the ARCIM institute

German Health Care system:
#257: Germany: hospitals use anthroposophical nonsense against covid-19 – using tax money!

German Homeopathic Doctors Association:
#366: The German Homeopathic Doctors Association for recommending alternative products as a solution to stock shortages of real medicine.

Germanic New Medicine practitioners:
#334: Germanic New Medicine practitioners for being dangerous and antisemitic ideologists

Giorgia Meloni:
#391: Giorgia Meloni campaigning to commemorate fascist figures

#055: Greenpeace for their position on GMO

Gwyneth Paltrow:
#264: Gwyneth Paltrow
#371: Gwyneth Paltrow for promoting unhealthy diet and getting an IV while podcasting

Håkan Ericsson:
#015: Håkan Ericsson, coach for the Swedish national under-21 football team, for using HeartMath products.

Hällebergsskolan i Ljungskile (a religious school in Sweden):
#137: Publicly funded religious free school scandal

Hans Kristian Gaarder:
#271: Hans Kristian Gaarder, self-appointed “independent health researcher” (now deceased)

Harald Matthes:
#325: Professor of Anthroposophical Medicine, Harald Matthes, spreads covid vaccine misinformation on German MDR TV Network
#327: Harald Matthes, AGAIN! This time because his hospital promotes an unscientific, untested, and unproven cocid vaccine schedule.

Harald Walach:
#284: Researcher gets two separate papers retracted in two weeks for misleading mask and vaccine safety claims

Prince Harry:
#360: Prince Harry for actively promoting a questionable psychotherapy and consulting a psychic to help him cope with the loss of his mother, then advertising it on his autobiography.

Health Food:
#281: Bogus claims regarding so-called “health food”

Heilpraktiker system:
#319: German ‘Heilpraktiker’ system is questionable and dangerous

Heilpraktiker Torben K.:
#385: Heilpraktiker Torben K., for performing fatal intervention
#259: Swedish company issues fake covid-19 certificates

Hypervaccinated man:
#419: Really Weird: Hypervaccinated man

#124: IKEA claims plants are hurt if verbally bullied

the Independent:
#429: The Telegraph and The Independent for spreading disinformation about Astra Zeneca’s Covid vaccine

Irish Doctors:
#227: Doctors sabotaging legal abortions

Irish medium Debbie Paget:
#386: Irish medium Debbie Paget gets jail sentence for fraud

Italian Government:
#165: Italian Government to stop issuing vaccination certificates

Jack Finney:
#306: Dealer Jack Finney sold toxic industrial chemical as diet pills

Jacob Rees-Mogg:
#346: Jacob Rees-Mogg, British minister of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy for claiming that hydrogen could be a viable alternative to natural gas for heating

Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski:
#174: Polish Minister of Agriculture wants to eat beaver (and not in the fun way)

Jan Lindebjerg, Danish MD:
#093: Registered Quack! Alternative treatments in Denmark

Jasna Góra Monastary:
#318: Jasna Góra Monastary tweets that abortions are worse than the Ukraine war

Jeanette Wilson:
#179: ‘Psychic healer’ Jeanette Wilson is touring the UK

Jean-Maurice Latsague:
#409: Jean-Maurice Latsague, Energy healer, was convicted for several cases of sex abuse of his clients

Jehova’s Witnesses:
#164: Jehova’s Witnesses child indoctrination in schools (+ plus US child molestation)

Jens Spahn:
#189: To Jens Spahn for not ending funding of homeopathy in Germany

Jeremy Hunt:
#009: Jeremy Hunt, UK Health Secretary advocates “Dr Google”

Johan Rosenqvist:
#345: Chief physician claims covid vaccines cause cancer. Her online videos get hundreds of thousands of views. The head of the region does nothing since she does it ‘in her spare time’

Bishop John Sherrington:
#370: Catholic Bishop John Sherrington condemns new ‘buffer zones’ around abortion clinics

Journal of Public Health:
#233: “Journal of Public Health: From Theory to Practice” publishes study that promotes Homeopathy against covid-19

the Journal of Theoretical Biology:
#244: Scandinavian scientific(?) paper promoting Intelligent Design

Jyrki Kauppinen and Pekka Malmi (Turku University):
#185: FINLAND: Is climate change not man-made?

Karolinska Institute:
#011: Karolinska Institutet – for failing to protect the public from the actions of a quack
#115: Karolinska Institutet for hosting a course on Antroposophy
#157: The Macchiarini investigation has gone missing

Keele University:
#173: To Keele University for allowing a UK Professor who is linking vaccinations to autism to raise money through their funding portal.

Kerri Parker:
#181: Miss Europe claims she is curing her cancer with cannabis oil

Killarney Council:
#155: Killarney Council wants to ban water flouridation

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill:
#317: Russia’s Patriarch Kirill supports the war on Ukraine

Konstanty Radziwill, Polish Minister of Health:
#063: Polish Minister of Health Konstanty Radziwill for claiming that smog is not a priority health issue in Poland.

the Lancet:
#392: The Lancet for supporting sleep restiction therapy

Lena Schwelling:
#341: Green leader in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Lena Schwelling, complains about ‘crusade’ against homeopathy

Leo Varadkar:
#105: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar for not taking a stance against Scientology.

Local Government Act of 1973 (Scotland):
#166: Unelected church representatives in local Scottish councils

Luc Montagnier:
#103: Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier goes anti-vax
#219: The Nobel Disease strikes again: Luc Montagnier claims SARS-cov-2 is manufactured from HIV
#276: Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier for spreading misinformation about COVID-19

Marek Jedraszewski:
#203: Archbishop of Krakow, Poland, Thinks That Greta Thunberg is the Antichrist

#325: Professor of Anthroposophical Medicine, Harald Matthes, spreads covid vaccine misinformation on German MDR TV Network

#223: Kickstarter for Bogus “brain trainer” Mendi

#314: There is no relation between what Meta says and what Meta does when it comes to stop misinformation
#320: Oops! Facebook actively promoted harmful content instead of downranking it

Michael Mosley:
#403: To the BBC and Michael Mosley, for not taking their responsibilities seriously in the Just One Thing podcast

Michael Neary, Archbishop:
#065: Archbishop Michael Neary of Tuam, Ireland

Naturopath (un-named):
#405: For risking lives by selling MMS – toddler nearly killed

Neil Oliver at GB News:
#389: Neil Oliver, GB News presenter, claims BBC is driving fear and reporting exaggerated temperatures from the heat wave

The New York Times:
#256: New York Times article about UK vaccine ‘mix-and match’
#387: The New York Times for misunderstanding Uri Geller and not seeing what a fraud he is

#355: NHS for offering quackery-ridden services by midwives

NHS Kent:
#413: NHS in Kent supports ear beeds, accupressure and more

#235: NICE recommendations on acupuncture

Niels Christian Geelmuyden:
#001: Norwegian “expert” claims that salmon are pigs

Northern Ireland:
#029: Ancient abortion laws in Northern Ireland (challenged)

Norwegian Government:
#003: Norwegian Government initiative to plant trees against climate change
#296: Norway to keep expanding their oil and gas industry despite Paris agreement

Novak Djokovic:
#309: Novak Djokovic spreads covid as well as anti-vaxx nonsens
#310: Novac Djokovic revisited – Djokovic-owned company QuantBioRes likened to homeopathy

#424: NutriLight, for their ‘red light therapy’ (RLT)

Orosház Hospital in Hungary:
#423: Public Hungarian Hospital in Orosház is offering Reiki treatment to patients

Orthodox Church of Romania:
#262: Romanian six-week baby dies from baptism – no reform is planned

Pat Collins, Irish priest:
#110: Irish priest calls out for more exorcists

People who shares fake news:
#087: Fake news: Cure for Homosexuality

#047: the governing Polish party.
#193: To the Polish ‘Law and Justice’ party for passing a law that criminalizes sex education for kids and says it is a form of paedophilia
#246: Poland rules abortion due to foetal defects unconstitutional
#302: Polish health minister says restrictions are not very effective at limiting pandemic
#311: Really Wrong (reprise): PiS for their abortion laws (again!) – Woman dies because denied abortion
#369: The Polish PIS party, yet again! This time for celebrating Pope Paul John II after hearing he protected abusers

Plandemic II:
#237: Plandemic full feature film released

the Polish Association of the Defenders of Human Life:
#318: the Polish Association of the Defenders of Human Life (anti-abortion): “Despite the experience of the cruelty of war, the world still divides children into ‘wanted’ and ‘unwanted’.”

Polish Episcopal Conference:
#239: Bishops in Poland Calling for Conversion Therapy Clinics

the Polish Life and Family Foundation:
#318: The Polish ‘Life and Family Foundation’ is handing out anti-abortion propaganda to arriving Ukraine refugees

Pope Francis:
#004: Pope Francis announces that Mother Teresa is to be canonized.
#109: The Pope: Third time’s a charm…

Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine:
#134: Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine

the pricipal at Geschwister-Scholl-Gesamtschule Moers:
#230: Secondary School students in Germany don’t back down from their “tinfoil hat” project

Prince Charles:
#023: Prince Charles of the United Kingdom for promoting quackery
#177: Prince Charles has been announced a patron of the Faculty of Homeopathy which illustrates why monarchy is a stupid system.
#331: Prince Charles for his continued promotion of quackery

QAnon :
#278: QAnon conspiracy antivaxx nonsense organising in Sweden

Qi tech EMF protection devices:
#251: QI technology – another BS tech-scam

Rasmus Paludan:
#322: Riots in Sweden. Danish idiot Rasmus Paludan keeps burning the Quran to provoke unrest. Rioters, of course, are also wrong.

#373: The two German cities of Wangen and Ravensburg turn off public wi-fi at night because of “electro-hypersensitivity”

the Reichsbürger movement:
#356: The Reichsbürger movement for trying to overthrow German government and instate a king
#400: Fake Jews – Reichbürger antisemites found ‘Jewish communities’

Religious exemptions for Corona restrictions:
#253: Special religious allowances for coronarestrictions in Germany, Sweden and elsewhere

Religious people of Segovia:
#158: SPAIN: Religious citizens tries to stop statue of the devil

Richard Gamble and the North Warwickshire borough council:
#241: Planned monument in Birmingham: “the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer”

Rioters in Sweden:
#322: Riots in Sweden. Danish idiot Rasmus Paludan keeps burning the Quran to provoke unrest. Rioters, of course, are also wrong.

Rishi Sunak:
#372: Suella Braverman and Rishi Sunak supports that UK police should track ethnicity (read Pakistani background) in the fight against grooming gang,s although we know they consist of white males.

Roman Ministry of Health:
#224: Romanian Ministry of Health failing regarding vaccination information

#039: Russia – Youtuber in Russia arrested for playing Pokemon Go in a Church

Russian cosmonauts Oleg Artemyev, Denis Matveyev and Sergey Korsakov:
#333: Russian cosmonauts (Oleg Artemyev, Denis Matveyev and Sergey Korsakov) for waving flag of Russian (“self-“) proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic

Russian Government and Vladimir Putin:
#282: Russian food firm forced to retract lesbian family ad
#315: Russian government and Vladimir Putin spreading misinformation to justify invasion of Ukraine
#324: Bonus Bad: Russian campaign to paint Swedes as Nazis
#388: Vladimir Putin signs law banning gender changes in Russia

Russian Supreme Court:
#407: Russia’s Supreme Court has declared ‘the international LGBT public movement’ an extremist organisation – there is no such organisation

“Safe Blood”:
#335: “Safe blood” – blood donation for people who insist on “unvaccinated blood”

Samhällsnytt (web site):
#217: Alt-right web site claims Swedish health authorities are implementing “death forms”

Schloss-Apotheke in Koblenz:
#273: German pharmacy sold a homeopathic version of the Pfizer vaccine

#412: Scotland burning fossil fuel

Sendung mit der Maus:
#399: For tricking kids into believing in pseudomedicine and thereby losing their own credibility

Sergei Lavrov:
#324: Lavrov says Hitler was part Jewish and that Jews usually are the most ardent anti-Semites

Shieldheadwear & Babypod:
#005: ShieldHeadWear & BabyPod

SkyNews et al.:
#364: Did the Earth’s core stop spinning? News outlets all over got it wrong

SL – Stockholm local train service:
#326: Stockholm local trains (SL) advertise for Scientology

#143: Really Wrong Smirnoff in playing the non-GMO & gluten-free cards…

Social media:
#144: Social media stops sex ed campaign

Social Media Influencers:
#169: Social media influencers give bad diet and fitness advice eight times out of nine

#163: Blasphemy in Spain: Appeal court overturns acquittal of Femen protesters

St. Georgen Waldorfschule, Freiburg:
#301: Dodgy certificates for exemption from wearing masks leads to mass infections at Waldorf School

Steinar Thorvaldsen and Ola Hössjer:
#244: Scandinavian scientific(?) paper promoting Intelligent Design

Steiner Schools:
#289: Steiner schools in Sweden keep breaking the rules and is a terrible idea in the first place

Suella Braverman:
#372: Suella Braverman and Rishi Sunak supports that UK police should track ethnicity (read Pakistani background) in the fight against grooming gang,s although we know they consist of white males.

Sweden Democrats Party:
#043: Swedish Democrat party moves to equate Alternative medicine with Conventional medicine
#057: Swedish Democrats denying climate change

Swedish Authorities:
#119: Swedish Authorities using bad statistics to determine age of migrants
#128: Swedish authorities spends lots of money on “Climate Therapy”

Swedish Christian Democrats:
#172: Swedish Christian Democrats leader: “Medical personnel should be allowed to refuse to do abortions”

Swedish Clinics:
#285: Really Wrong 1: Clinics allow patients to choose physicians based on ethnicity

Swedish Government:
#196: Sweden – Jehovah’s Witnesses to Receive Government Grants

Swedish regulations:
#209: Acupuncturist Freed of Manslaughter Charges

Swedish Tantra Festival:
#287: Tantra festival super spreader event

Taduzc Wojda:
#427: Tadusz Wojda, Head of Catholic church in Poland, accused of negligence in sex abuse case

the Telegraph:
#021: The Telegraph for bad reporting on the topic of the health effects of eating chocolate
#429: The Telegraph and The Independent for spreading disinformation about Astra Zeneca’s Covid vaccine

Thierry Baudet:
#348: Dutch MP Thierry Baudet believes Putin is our Dark Knight against the reptiles

Thinking Autism:
#321: Thinking Autism: Autism charity promotes CEASE therapy and their chief spreads anti-vaccine nonsense

Thomas Erikson:
#153: Bewilderer of the year 2018: Thomas Erikson
#422: Surrounded by lies – Thomas Erikson strikes again

Tobacco Industry:
#272: Tobacco Industry backed paper suggesting smoking is linked to lower COVID-19

Father Tomasz Kancelarczyk, head of the Little Feet Foundation:
#318: Father Tomasz Kancelarczyk, head of the Little Feet Foundation (anti-abortion): “There is no justice towards the unborn in Ukraine and in Russia”

Turkish Government:
#081: Turkey for making schools stop teaching evolution
#267: Turkey quits women’s rights treaty

#426: Education and religion in the UK – England scraps 50% rule on faith school admissions and N. Ireland’s problematic position on religious education

UK College of Medicine and Integrated Health:
#205: College of Medicine and Integrated Health Offers Course in NLP

UK Government:
#417: UK Government for aiming to stop publishing important stats

UK Home Office and Ministry of Justice:
#206: UK: Lie Detector Tests for Convicted Terrorists as a Security Measure

UK Ministry of Defense:
#220: UK Ministry of Defense buys lemon eucalyptus oil insect repellant as Covid-19 protection

UK National Lottery:
#336: UK National Lottery for funding homeopathy

University of Glasgow:
#126: Stupid study claims health problems are directly due to too much ‘screen time’, discounting other factors

University of Nicosia in Cyprus:
#075: Stupid study about female homosexuality

Ute Krüger:
#345: Chief physician claims covid vaccines cause cancer. Her online videos get hundreds of thousands of views. The head of the region does nothing since she does it ‘in her spare time’

Vidar Clinic:
#099: Anthroposophic Vidar clinic

Vienna Medical Association:
#374: Vienna Medical Association invites all MD to a course in “Complementory Homeopathy”

Viktor Orbán:
#249: Viktor Orbán for using the chaos caused by covid to come up with new homophobic regulations
#338: Viktor Orbán’s government for allowing clear-cutting of native forests in Hungary to tackle gas supply issues
#340: Hungarian Innovation minister Laszlo Palkovics for sacking weather chief over wrong forecast
#367: Viktor Orbán for trying to dissolve the Hungarian Chamber of Doctors which is only trying to do its job without Orbán’s interference

Voices from the Void:
#378: Voices from the Void pretends to talk to James Randi beyond the grave

#215: After Action From VtdK, the Royal Dutch Medical Association Again(!) Stops Accreditation of BS Therapy “PRI”

Wacław Depo, the archbishop of Częstochowa:
#318: Wacław Depo, the archbishop of Częstochowa, (anti-abortion): Ukraine war is bad and all that, but “we must not be enslaved by fears about the future and lose hope in the face of planned de-Christianisation and depopulation.”

Wangen im Allgäu:
#373: The two German cities of Wangen and Ravensburg turn off public wi-fi at night because of “electro-hypersensitivity”

Werlabs, Medisera and Blodkollen and others:
#337: Big business – Unnecessary blood tests for healthy people offered by Werlabs, Medisera and Blodkollen and others

#141: WHO to include TCM in the ICD
#216: WHO Removes Advice to Not Use TCM Against covid-19
#344: WHO gets it wrong regarding artificial sweeteners

Winfried Stöcker:
#303: Doctor faces criminal charges after having administered 20k of his own vaccine

Xiao Hongchi:
#051: Chinese “healer” Xiao Hongchi charged for manslaughter in the UK

Zlatan Ibrahimovic:
#310: Zlatan Ibrahimovic gets a dishonorable mention for missing the point