Really Wrong

Alphabetical list of all the Really Wrong Awards

Access Consciousness:
#053: “Access Consciousness”

Adam Niedzielski :
#302: Polish health minister says restrictions are not very effective at limiting pandemic

Adriano Panzironi:
#194: Adriano Panzironi claims his diets and supplements cure cancer and make you 120 years old

Adults attacking Greta Thunberg:
#168: Grown people are attacking 16-year old Greta Thunberg because they cannot find any proper arguments

Advance Pharma:
#286: UK: Advance Pharma increased price with 6000% on critical drug

AI vs. People:
#054: AI vs people in writing Christmas songs and poems

Alberto Zangrillo:
#225: Alberto Zangrillo, Director of the Terapia intensiva del San Raffaele in Milan, for saying that SARS-CoV-2 no longer exists

Anders Arborelius:
#192: Swedish Cardinal Arborelius admits to having covered up sex abuse

András Pintér:
#017: András

Andrzej Dziega:
#214: POLAND: Andrzej Dziega, Archbishop of Szczecin-Kamien claiming Holy water and communion “cannot spread virus”

Anti-covid demonstrators:
#234: Anti-covid demonstrators in Berlin

Anyone promoting unnecessary tongue web cut:
#279: Unnecessary surgery in new-borns the new alt-med

Association of Catholic Doctors:
#019: To the ‘Association of Catholic Doctors’, believers in religious nonsense, claiming to treat something that is not a disease, with something that is not medicine.

Ayahuasca International:
#031: Shaman serves drugs in Swedish summer camp “Inner Evolution Retreat”

Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic:
#002: Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic opens its first homeopathic store in the UK with no evidence for their claims.

Bavarian State Government:
#197: The Bavarian State Government wants to fight multi-resistance with – Homeopathy!

#187: To the BBC for stupid Loch Ness article

Brian Clement:
#027: Brian Clement and the Hippocrates Institute for promoting quackery

Brilliant Minds Foundation:
#175: ‘Brilliant minds’: Barack Obama, Greta Thunberg – and Gwyneth f-cking Paltrow(!)

British Chiropractic Association:
#067: Finally, the British Chiropractic Association wins the Really Wrong price for still “happily promoting bogus treatments”.

Dr Cameron Sepah:
#199: Dopamine Fasting: The Silliest Thing We’ve Heard in a Long Time

Cancer quacks who profit on desperate people:
#089: Crowdfunding trips to Alternative Cancer Clinics in Mexico

the Catholic Church:
#083: The Catholic Church for abusing children
#159: Really Wrong price goes to the Catholic Church for being sloppy in their investigations regarding miracles performed by their saints.

the Catholic Church in Germany:
#311: the Catholic Church in Germany for forcing people to hide their true nature in fear of being fired

Champions League:
#277: Champions League final in Porto, Man City vs. Chelsea

Clare Relton:
#270: Clare Relton, homeopath and researcher at Queen Mary University London, for teaching how to cheat RCTs

Climate Intelligence Foundation:
#191: Climate Intelligence Foundation for the letter signed by “500 scientists”

Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes:
#258: Ireland: “the commission of investigation into mother and baby homes”

#007: Communicology

La Conferencia Episcopal Española:
#305: La Conferencia Episcopal Española (CEE), the Spanish Bishops Conference, takes no action against child abuse scandal
#107: spreading misinformation about migration

Corona Ausschuss:
#304: Germany: The ‘Corona Committee’ spreads endless misinformation

Corriere Della Sera:
#207: ITALY: Corriere Della Sera Sneakily Promotes Pseudotherapies

#101: Italian anti-vaccers Corvelva and ‘dead’ baby picture:

the Daily Mail:
#071: The Daily Mail and tape worms against autism
#130: The Daily Mail on Chronic Lyme disease
#148: Really Wrong Award for spreading fake Brexit news.

Danderyd Hospital:
#316: SWEDEN: Public hospital MD advocates raw food and breathing therapy for post-covid patients

Danish Government:
#111: Danish government to prohibit burka and hijab in public

Danish People’s Party:
#275: Danish People’s Party wants to bring back prayers in school to “protect Danish culture”

Danny Healy-Rae:
#037: Irish politician refers to Noah’s flood as “fact”

Davide Vannoni, Italian quack:
#049: Davide Vannoni, Italian stem cell quack

Dr Dawn Harper:
#041: Famous UK TV doctor recommends ear candling

Sir Desmond Swayne:
#260: Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne urged anti-vaxxers to ‘persist’ against COVID restrictions

Docrates Clinic:
#184: Experimental cancer clinic in Finland charges huge amounts

Dominik Duka:
#268: Czech Cardinal turns covid remembrance site into an anti-abortion mass

Durek Verrett:
#212: NORWAY: Norwegian Shaman and Boyfriend to the Princess, Durek Verrett, Publishes a “Cure” for Covid-19

Elke Sleurs:
#013: Elke Sleurs, Belgian State Secretary for Equal Opportunities, for training police in retrieving “suppressed memories” using hypnosis

Ellinor Grimmark and the Alliance Defending Freedom:
#298: Anti-abortion Midwife rightfully denied appeal in European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

Emmanuel Macron:
#218: The presidential curse(?): Macron adds to the hydroxychloroquine hype

Eric Clapton:
#285: Really Wrong 2: Eric Clapton refuses to “discriminate” antivaxxers
#311: Dishonorable mention: Eric Clapton says vaccinated people are under mass hypnosis

#073: The EU about GMO tomatoes
#195: EU GMO rules are bananas

EU Court of Justice:
#079: EU Court of Justice

EU Parliament:
#097: EU Parliament bans Glyphosate

#330: EUROCAM for lobbying for quackery

Everyone who signed Boiron petition:
#176: Over a million Really Wrong awards(!) to everyone that have signed Boiron’s desperate petition to keep public funding in France for useless homeopathy.

#033: Exorcism across Europe

#263: Facebook! for thinking the EUROPEAN Skeptics Podcast is an Australian news outlet

Foundation for Radiation Safety:
#229: Swedish elementary school invest in “protection” against wi-fi

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:
#035: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for publishing an article in support of homeopathy on their science pages

French authorities:
#293: Osteopathy on the rise in France

Geert Vanden Bossche:
#269: Veterinarian Geert Vanden Bossche for spreading fear of vaccines with science sounding nonsense

General Chiropractic Council (UK):
#265: A lot chiropractors fail to inform patients of the risks
#291: Chiropractic Council finds chiropractor NOT guilty after killing patient

German Health Care system:
#257: Germany: hospitals use anthroposophical nonsense against covid-19 – using tax money!

Germanic New Medicine practitioners:
#334: Germanic New Medicine practitioners for being dangerous and antisemitic ideologists

#055: Greenpeace for their position on GMO

Gwyneth Paltrow:
#264: Gwyneth Paltrow

Hans Kristian Gaarder:
#271: Hans Kristian Gaarder, self-appointed “independent health researcher” (now deceased)

Harald Matthes:
#325: Professor of Anthroposophical Medicine, Harald Matthes, spreads covid vaccine misinformation on German MDR TV Network
#327: Harald Matthes, AGAIN! This time because his hospital promotes an unscientific, untested, and unproven cocid vaccine schedule.

Harald Walach:
#284: Researcher gets two separate papers retracted in two weeks for misleading mask and vaccine safety claims

Health Food:
#281: Bogus claims regarding so-called “health food”

Heilpraktiker system:
#319: German ‘Heilpraktiker’ system is questionable and dangerous
#259: Swedish company issues fake covid-19 certificates

Håkan Ericsson:
#015: Håkan Ericsson, coach for the Swedish national under-21 football team, for using HeartMath products.

Hällebergsskolan i Ljungskile (a religious school in Sweden):
#137: Publicly funded religious free school scandal

#124: IKEA claims plants are hurt if verbally bullied

Irish Doctors:
#227: NORTHERN IRELAND: Doctors sabotaging legal abortions

Italian Government:
#165: Italian Government to stop issuing vaccination certificates

Jack Finney:
#306: Dealer Jack Finney sold toxic industrial chemical as diet pills

Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski:
#174: Polish Minister of Agriculture wants to eat beaver (and not in the fun way)

Jan Lindebjerg, Danish MD:
#093: Registered Quack! Alternative treatments in Denmark

Jasna Góra Monastary:
#318: Jasna Góra Monastary tweets that abortions are worse than the Ukraine war

Jeanette Wilson:
#179: ‘Psychic healer’ Jeanette Wilson is touring the UK

Jehova’s Witnesses:
#164: Jehova’s Witnesses child indoctrination in schools (+ plus US child molestation)

Jens Spahn:
#189: To Jens Spahn for not ending funding of homeopathy in Germany

Jeremy Hunt:
#009: Jeremy Hunt, UK Health Secretary advocates “Dr Google”

Journal of Public Health:
#233: “Journal of Public Health: From Theory to Practice” publishes study that promotes Homeopathy against covid-19

the Journal of Theoretical Biology:
#244: Scandinavian scientific(?) paper promoting Intelligent Design

Jyrki Kauppinen and Pekka Malmi (Turku University):
#185: FINLAND: Is climate change not man-made?

Karolinska Institute:
#011: Karolinska Institutet – for failing to protect the public from the actions of a quack
#115: Karolinska Institutet for hosting a course on Antroposophy
#157: SWEDEN: The Macchiarini investigation has gone missing

Keele University:
#173: To Keele University for allowing a UK Professor who is linking vaccinations to autism to raise money through their funding portal.

Kerri Parker:
#181: Miss Europe claims she is curing her cancer with cannabis oil

Killarney Council:
#155: IRELAND: Killarney Council wants to ban water flouridation

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill:
#317: Russia’s Patriarch Kirill supports the war on Ukraine

Konstanty Radziwill, Polish Minister of Health:
#063: Polish Minister of Health Konstanty Radziwill for claiming that smog is not a priority health issue in Poland.

Leo Varadkar:
#105: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar for not taking a stance against Scientology.

Local Government Act of 1973 (Scotland):
#166: Unelected church representatives in local Scottish councils

Luc Montagnier:
#103: Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier goes anti-vax
#219: The Nobel Disease strikes again: Luc Montagnier claims SARS-cov-2 is manufactured from HIV
#276: Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier for spreading misinformation about COVID-19

Marek Jedraszewski:
#203: Archbishop of Krakow, Poland, Thinks That Greta Thunberg is the Antichrist

#325: Professor of Anthroposophical Medicine, Harald Matthes, spreads covid vaccine misinformation on German MDR TV Network

#223: Kickstarter for Bogus “brain trainer” Mendi

#314: There is no relation between what Meta says and what Meta does when it comes to stop misinformation
#320: Oops! Facebook actively promoted harmful content instead of downranking it

Michael Neary, Archbishop:
#065: Archbishop Michael Neary of Tuam, Ireland

New York Times:
#256: New York Times article about UK vaccine ‘mix-and match’

#235: NICE recommendations on acupuncture

Niels Christian Geelmuyden:
#001: Norwegian “expert” claims that salmon are pigs

Northern Ireland:
#029: Ancient abortion laws in Northern Ireland (challenged)

Norwegian Government:
#003: Norwegian Government initiative to plant trees against climate change
#296: Norway to keep expanding their oil and gas industry despite Paris agreement

Novak Djokovic:
#309: Novak Djokovic spreads covid as well as anti-vaxx nonsens
#310: Novac Djokovic revisited – Djokovic-owned company QuantBioRes likened to homeopathy

Orthodox Church of Romania:
#262: Romanian six-week baby dies from baptism – no reform is planned

Pat Collins, Irish priest:
#110: Irish priest calls out for more exorcists

People who shares fake news:
#087: Fake news: Cure for Homosexuality

#047: the governing Polish party.
#193: To the Polish ‘Law and Justice’ party for passing a law that criminalizes sex education for kids and says it is a form of paedophilia
#246: Poland rules abortion due to foetal defects unconstitutional
#302: Polish health minister says restrictions are not very effective at limiting pandemic
#311: Really Wrong (reprise): PiS for their abortion laws (again!) – Woman dies because denied abortion

Plandemic II:
#237: Plandemic full feature film released

the Polish Association of the Defenders of Human Life:
#318: the Polish Association of the Defenders of Human Life (anti-abortion): “Despite the experience of the cruelty of war, the world still divides children into ‘wanted’ and ‘unwanted’.”

Polish Episcopal Conference:
#239: Bishops in Poland Calling for Conversion Therapy Clinics

the Polish Life and Family Foundation:
#318: The Polish ‘Life and Family Foundation’ is handing out anti-abortion propaganda to arriving Ukraine refugees

Pope Francis:
#004: Pope Francis announces that Mother Teresa is to be canonized.
#109: The Pope: Third time’s a charm…

Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine:
#134: Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine

the pricipal at Geschwister-Scholl-Gesamtschule Moers:
#230: GERMANY: Secondary School students in Germany don’t back down from their “tinfoil hat” project

Prince Charles:
#023: Prince Charles of the United Kingdom for promoting quackery
#177: Prince Charles has been announced a patron of the Faculty of Homeopathy which illustrates why monarchy is a stupid system.
#331: Prince Charles for his continued promotion of quackery

QAnon :
#278: QAnon conspiracy antivaxx nonsense organising in Sweden

Qi tech EMF protection devices:
#251: QI technology – another BS tech-scam

Rasmus Paludan:
#322: Riots in Sweden. Danish idiot Rasmus Paludan keeps burning the Quran to provoke unrest. Rioters, of course, are also wrong.

Religious exemptions for Corona restrictions:
#253: Special religious allowances for coronarestrictions in Germany, Sweden and elsewhere

Religious people of Segovia:
#158: SPAIN: Religious citizens tries to stop statue of the devil

Richard Gamble and the North Warwickshire borough council:
#241: Planned monument in Birmingham: “the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer”

Rioters in Sweden:
#322: Riots in Sweden. Danish idiot Rasmus Paludan keeps burning the Quran to provoke unrest. Rioters, of course, are also wrong.

Roman Ministry of Health:
#224: Romanian Ministry of Health failing regarding vaccination information

#039: Russia – Youtuber in Russia arrested for playing Pokemon Go in a Church

Russian cosmonauts Oleg Artemyev, Denis Matveyev and Sergey Korsakov:
#333: Russian cosmonauts (Oleg Artemyev, Denis Matveyev and Sergey Korsakov) for waving flag of Russian (“self-“) proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic

Russian Government and Vladimir Putin:
#282: Russian food firm forced to retract lesbian family ad
#315: Russian government and Vladimir Putin spreading misinformation to justify invasion of Ukraine
#324: Bonus Bad: Russian campaign to paint Swedes as Nazis

“Safe Blood”:
#335: “Safe blood” – blood donation for people who insist on “unvaccinated blood”

Samhällsnytt (web site):
#217: Alt-right web site claims Swedish health authorities are implementing “death forms”

Schloss-Apotheke in Koblenz:
#273: German pharmacy sold a homeopathic version of the Pfizer vaccine

Sergei Lavrov:
#324: Lavrov says Hitler was part Jewish and that Jews usually are the most ardent anti-Semites

Shieldheadwear & Babypod:
#005: ShieldHeadWear & BabyPod

SL – Stockholm local train service:
#326: Stockholm local trains (SL) advertise for Scientology

#143: Really Wrong Smirnoff in playing the non-GMO & gluten-free cards…

Social media:
#144: Social media stops sex ed campaign

Social Media Influencers:
#169: Social media influencers give bad diet and fitness advice eight times out of nine

#163: Blasphemy in Spain: Appeal court overturns acquittal of Femen protesters

St. Georgen Waldorfschule, Freiburg:
#301: Dodgy certificates for exemption from wearing masks leads to mass infections at Waldorf School

Steinar Thorvaldsen and Ola Hössjer:
#244: Scandinavian scientific(?) paper promoting Intelligent Design

Steiner Schools:
#289: Steiner schools in Sweden keep breaking the rules and is a terrible idea in the first place

Sweden Democrats Party:
#043: Swedish Democrat party moves to equate Alternative medicine with Conventional medicine
#057: Swedish Democrats denying climate change

Swedish Authorities:
#119: Swedish Authorities using bad statistics to determine age of migrants
#128: Swedish authorities spends lots of money on “Climate Therapy”

Swedish Christian Democrats:
#172: Swedish Christian Democrats leader: “Medical personnel should be allowed to refuse to do abortions”

Swedish Clinics:
#285: Really Wrong 1: Clinics allow patients to choose physicians based on ethnicity

Swedish Government:
#196: Sweden – Jehovah’s Witnesses to Receive Government Grants

Swedish regulations:
#209: SWEDEN: Acupuncturist Freed of Manslaughter Charges

Swedish Tantra Festival:
#287: SWEDEN: Tantra festival super spreader event

the Telegraph:
#021: The Telegraph for bad reporting on the topic of the health effects of eating chocolate

Thinking Autism:
#321: Thinking Autism: Autism charity promotes CEASE therapy and their chief spreads anti-vaccine nonsense

Thomas Erikson:
#153: SWEDEN: Bewilderer of the year 2018: Thomas Erikson

Tobacco Industry:
#272: Tobacco Industry backed paper suggesting smoking is linked to lower COVID-19

Father Tomasz Kancelarczyk, head of the Little Feet Foundation:
#318: Father Tomasz Kancelarczyk, head of the Little Feet Foundation (anti-abortion): “There is no justice towards the unborn in Ukraine and in Russia”

Turkish Government:
#081: Turkey for making schools stop teaching evolution
#267: Turkey quits women’s rights treaty

UK College of Medicine and Integrated Health:
#205: College of Medicine and Integrated Health Offers Course in NLP

UK Home Office and Ministry of Justice:
#206: UK: Lie Detector Tests for Convicted Terrorists as a Security Measure

UK Ministry of Defense:
#220: UK Ministry of Defense buys lemon eucalyptus oil insect repellant as Covid-19 protection

UK National Lottery:
#336: UK National Lottery for funding homeopathy

University of Glasgow:
#126: Stupid study claims health problems are directly due to too much ‘screen time’, discounting other factors

University of Nicosia in Cyprus:
#075: Stupid study about female homosexuality

Vidar Clinic:
#099: Anthroposophic Vidar clinic

Viktor Orbán:
#249: Viktor Orbán for using the chaos caused by covid to come up with new homophobic regulations
#338: Viktor Orbán’s government for allowing clear-cutting of native forests in Hungary to tackle gas supply issues

#215: After Action From VtdK, the Royal Dutch Medical Association Again(!) Stops Accreditation of BS Therapy “PRI”

Wacław Depo, the archbishop of Częstochowa:
#318: Wacław Depo, the archbishop of Częstochowa, (anti-abortion): Ukraine war is bad and all that, but “we must not be enslaved by fears about the future and lose hope in the face of planned de-Christianisation and depopulation.”

Werlabs, Medisera and Blodkollen and others:
#337: Big business – Unnecessary blood tests for healthy people offered by Werlabs, Medisera and Blodkollen and others

#141: WHO to include TCM in the ICD
#216: WHO Removes Advice to Not Use TCM Against covid-19

Winfried Stöcker:
#303: Doctor faces criminal charges after having administered 20k of his own vaccine

Xiao Hongchi:
#051: Chinese “healer” Xiao Hongchi charged for manslaughter in the UK

Zlatan Ibrahimovic:
#310: Zlatan Ibrahimovic gets a dishonorable mention for missing the point