Really Wrong

Alphabetical list of all the Really Wrong Awards

Access Consciousness:
#053: “Access Consciousness”

Adam Niedzielski :
#302: Polish Health Minister Says Restrictions Are Not Very Effective At Limiting Pandemic

Adriano Panzironi:
#194: Adriano Panzironi Claims His Diets And Supplements Cure Cancer And Make You 120 Years Old

Adults attacking Greta Thunberg:
#168: Grown People Are Attacking 16-Year Old Greta Thunberg Because They Cannot Find Any Proper Arguments

Advance Pharma:
#286: UK: Advance Pharma Increased Price With 6000% On Critical Drug

AI vs. People:
#054: Ai Vs People In Writing Christmas Songs And Poems

Alberto Zangrillo:
#225: Alberto Zangrillo, Director Of The Terapia Intensiva Del San Raffaele In Milan, For Saying That Sars-Cov-2 No Longer Exists

Anders Arborelius:
#192: Swedish Cardinal Arborelius Admits To Having Covered Up Sex Abuse

András Pintér:
#017: András

Andrzej Dziega:
#214: Poland: Andrzej Dziega, Archbishop Of Szczecin-Kamien Claiming Holy Water And Communion “Cannot Spread Virus”

Anti-covid demonstrators:
#234: Anti-Covid Demonstrators In Berlin

Anyone promoting unnecessary tongue web cut:
#279: Unnecessary Surgery In New-Borns The New Alt-Med

Association of Catholic Doctors:
#019: To The ‘Association Of Catholic Doctors’, Believers In Religious Nonsense, Claiming To Treat Something That Is Not A Disease, With Something That Is Not Medicine.

Ayahuasca International:
#031: Shaman Serves Drugs In Swedish Summer Camp “Inner Evolution Retreat”

Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic:
#002: Dr Batra’S Positive Health Clinic Opens Its First Homeopathic Store In The Uk With No Evidence For Their Claims.

Bavarian State Government:
#197: The Bavarian State Government Wants To Fight Multi-Resistance With – Homeopathy!

#187: To The Bbc For Stupid Loch Ness Article

Brian Clement:
#027: Brian Clement And The Hippocrates Institute For Promoting Quackery

Brilliant Minds Foundation:
#175: ‘Brilliant Minds’: Barack Obama, Greta Thunberg – And Gwyneth F-Cking Paltrow(!)

British Chiropractic Association:
#067: Finally, The British Chiropractic Association Wins The Really Wrong Price For Still “Happily Promoting Bogus Treatments”.

Dr Cameron Sepah:
#199: Dopamine Fasting: The Silliest Thing We’Ve Heard In A Long Time

Cancer quacks who profit on desperate people:
#089: Crowdfunding Trips To Alternative Cancer Clinics In Mexico

the Catholic Church:
#083: The Catholic Church For Abusing Children
#159: Really Wrong Price Goes To The Catholic Church For Being Sloppy In Their Investigations Regarding Miracles Performed By Their Saints.

Champions League:
#277: Champions League Final In Porto, Man City Vs. Chelsea

Clare Relton:
#270: Clare Relton, Homeopath And Researcher At Queen Mary University London, For Teaching How To Cheat Rcts

Climate Intelligence Foundation:
#191: Climate Intelligence Foundation For The Letter Signed By “500 Scientists”

Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes:
#258: Ireland: “The Commission Of Investigation Into Mother And Baby Homes”

#007: Communicology
#107: Conservativetribune.Com Spreading Misinformation About Migration

Corona Ausschuss:
#304: Germany: The ‘Corona Committee’ Spreads Endless Misinformation

Corriere Della Sera:
#207: Italy: Corriere Della Sera Sneakily Promotes Pseudotherapies

#101: Italian Anti-Vaccers Corvelva And ‘Dead’ Baby Picture:

the Daily Mail:
#071: The Daily Mail And Tape Worms Against Autism
#130: The Daily Mail On Chronic Lyme Disease
#148: Really Wrong Award For Spreading Fake Brexit News.

Danish Government:
#111: Danish Government To Prohibit Burka And Hijab In Public

Danish People’s Party:
#275: Danish People’S Party Wants To Bring Back Prayers In School To “Protect Danish Culture”

Danny Healy-Rae:
#037: Irish Politician Refers To Noah’S Flood As “Fact”

Davide Vannoni, Italian quack:
#049: Davide Vannoni, Italian Stem Cell Quack

Dr Dawn Harper:
#041: Famous Uk Tv Doctor Recommends Ear Candling

Sir Desmond Swayne:
#260: Tory Mp Sir Desmond Swayne Urged Anti-Vaxxers To ‘Persist’ Against Covid Restrictions

Docrates Clinic:
#184: Experimental Cancer Clinic In Finland Charges Huge Amounts

Dominik Duka:
#268: Czech Cardinal Turns Covid Remembrance Site Into An Anti-Abortion Mass

Durek Verrett:
#212: Norway: Norwegian Shaman And Boyfriend To The Princess, Durek Verrett, Publishes A “Cure” For Covid-19

Elke Sleurs:
#013: Elke Sleurs, Belgian State Secretary For Equal Opportunities, For Training Police In Retrieving “Suppressed Memories” Using Hypnosis

Ellinor Grimmark and the Alliance Defending Freedom:
#298: Midwife Denied Appeal In European Court Of Human Rights (Echr)

Emmanuel Macron:
#218: The Presidential Curse(?): Macron Adds To The Hydroxychloroquine Hype

Eric Clapton:
#285: Eric Clapton Refuses To “Discriminate” Antivaxxers

#073: The Eu About Gmo Tomatoes
#195: Eu Gmo Rules Are Bananas

EU Court of Justice:
#079: Eu Court Of Justice

EU Parliament:
#097: Eu Parliament Bans Glyphosate

Everyone who signed Boiron petition:
#176: Over A Million Really Wrong Awards(!) To Everyone That Have Signed Boiron’S Desperate Petition To Keep Public Funding In France For Useless Homeopathy.

#033: Exorcism Across Europe

#263: Facebook! For Thinking The European Skeptics Podcast Is An Australian News Outlet

Foundation for Radiation Safety:
#229: Swedish Elementary School Invest In “Protection” Against Wi-Fi

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:
#035: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung For Publishing An Article In Support Of Homeopathy On Their Science Pages

French authorities:
#293: Osteopathy On The Rise In France

Geert Vanden Bossche:
#269: Veterinarian Geert Vanden Bossche For Spreading Fear Of Vaccines With Science Sounding Nonsense

General Chiropractic Council (UK):
#265: A Lot Chiropractors Fail To Inform Patients Of The Risks
#291: Chiropractic Council Finds Chiropractor Not Guilty After Killing Patient

German Health Care system:
#257: Germany: Hospitals Use Anthroposophical Nonsense Against Covid-19 – Using Tax Money!

#055: Greenpeace For Their Position On Gmo

Gwyneth Paltrow:
#264: Gwyneth Paltrow

Håkan Ericsson:
#015: Håkan Ericsson, Coach For The Swedish National Under-21 Football Team, For Using Heartmath Products.

Hällebergsskolan i Ljungskile (a religious school in Sweden):
#137: Publicly Funded Religious Free School Scandal

Hans Kristian Gaarder:
#271: Hans Kristian Gaarder, Self-Appointed “Independent Health Researcher” (Now Deceased)

Harald Walach:
#284: Researcher Gets Two Separate Papers Retracted In Two Weeks For Misleading Mask And Vaccine Safety Claims

Health Food:
#281: Bogus Claims Regarding So-Called “Health Food”
#259: Swedish Company Issues Fake Covid-19 Certificates

#124: Ikea Claims Plants Are Hurt If Verbally Bullied

Irish Doctors:
#227: Northern Ireland: Doctors Sabotaging Legal Abortions

Italian Government:
#165: Italian Government To Stop Issuing Vaccination Certificates

Jack Finney:
#306: Dealer Jack Finney Sold Toxic Industrial Chemical As Diet Pills

Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski:
#174: Polish Minister Of Agriculture Wants To Eat Beaver (And Not In The Fun Way)

Jan Lindebjerg, Danish MD:
#093: Registered Quack! Alternative Treatments In Denmark

Jeanette Wilson:
#179: ‘Psychic Healer’ Jeanette Wilson Is Touring The Uk

Jehova’s Witnesses:
#164: Jehova’S Witnesses Child Indoctrination In Schools (+ Plus Us Child Molestation)

Jens Spahn:
#189: To Jens Spahn For Not Ending Funding Of Homeopathy In Germany

Jeremy Hunt:
#009: Jeremy Hunt, Uk Health Secretary Advocates “Dr Google”

Journal of Public Health:
#233: “Journal Of Public Health: From Theory To Practice” Publishes Study That Promotes Homeopathy Against Covid-19

the Journal of Theoretical Biology:
#244: Scandinavian scientific(?) paper promoting Intelligent Design

Jyrki Kauppinen and Pekka Malmi (Turku University):
#185: Finland: Is Climate Change Not Man-Made?

Karolinska Institute:
#011: Karolinska Institutet – For Failing To Protect The Public From The Actions Of A Quack
#115: Karolinska Institutet For Hosting A Course On Antroposophy
#157: Sweden: The Macchiarini Investigation Has Gone Missing

Keele University:
#173: To Keele University For Allowing A Uk Professor Who Is Linking Vaccinations To Autism To Raise Money Through Their Funding Portal.

Kerri Parker:
#181: Miss Europe Claims She Is Curing Her Cancer With Cannabis Oil

Killarney Council:
#155: Ireland: Killarney Council Wants To Ban Water Flouridation

Konstanty Radziwill, Polish Minister of Health:
#063: Polish Minister Of Health Konstanty Radziwill For Claiming That Smog Is Not A Priority Health Issue In Poland.

La Conferencia Episcopal Española:
#305: La Conferencia Episcopal Española (Cee), The Spanish Bishops Conference, Takes No Action Against Child Abuse Scandal

Leo Varadkar:
#105: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar For Not Taking A Stance Against Scientology.

Local Government Act of 1973 (Scotland):
#166: Unelected Church Representatives In Local Scottish Councils

Luc Montagnier:
#103: Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier Goes Anti-Vax
#219: The Nobel Disease Strikes Again: Luc Montagnier Claims Sars-Cov-2 Is Manufactured From Hiv
#276: Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier For Spreading Misinformation About Covid-19

Marek Jedraszewski:
#203: Archbishop Of Krakow, Poland, Thinks That Greta Thunberg Is The Antichrist

#223: Kickstarter For Bogus “Brain Trainer” Mendi

Michael Neary, Archbishop:
#065: Archbishop Michael Neary Of Tuam, Ireland

New York Times:
#256: New York Times Article About Uk Vaccine ‘Mix-And Match’

#235: Nice Recommendations On Acupuncture

Niels Christian Geelmuyden:
#001: Norwegian “Expert” Claims That Salmon Are Pigs

Northern Ireland:
#029: Ancient Abortion Laws In Northern Ireland (Challenged)

Norwegian Government:
#003: Norwegian Government Initiative To Plant Trees Against Climate Change
#296: Norway To Keep Expanding Their Oil And Gas Industry Despite Paris Agreement

Novak Djokovic:
#309: Novak Djokovic Spreads Covid As Well As Anti-Vaxx Nonsens

Orthodox Church of Romania:
#262: Romanian Six-Week Baby Dies From Baptism – No Reform Is Planned

Pat Collins, Irish priest:
#110: Irish Priest Calls Out For More Exorcists

People who shares fake news:
#087: Fake News: Cure For Homosexuality

#047: The Governing Polish Party.
#193: To The Polish ‘Law And Justice’ Party For Passing A Law That Criminalizes Sex Education For Kids And Says It Is A Form Of Paedophilia
#246: Poland Rules Abortion Due To Foetal Defects Unconstitutional
#302: Polish Health Minister Says Restrictions Are Not Very Effective At Limiting Pandemic

Plandemic II:
#237: Plandemic Full Feature Film Released

Polish Episcopal Conference:
#239: Bishops In Poland Calling For Conversion Therapy Clinics

Pope Francis:
#004: Pope Francis Announces That Mother Teresa Is To Be Canonized.
#109: The Pope: Third Time’S A Charm…

Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine:
#134: Portland Centre For Integrative Medicine

the pricipal at Geschwister-Scholl-Gesamtschule Moers:
#230: Germany: Secondary School Students In Germany Don’T Back Down From Their “Tinfoil Hat” Project

Prince Charles:
#023: Prince Charles Of The United Kingdom For Promoting Quackery
#177: Prince Charles Has Been Announced A Patron Of The Faculty Of Homeopathy Which Illustrates Why Monarchy Is A Stupid System.

QAnon :
#278: Qanon Conspiracy Antivaxx Nonsense Organising In Sweden

Qi tech EMF protection devices:
#251: Qi Technology – Another Bs Tech-Scam

Religious exemptions for Corona restrictions:
#253: Special Religious Allowances For Coronarestrictions (Germany And Sweden And Elsewhere)

Religious people of Segovia:
#158: Spain: Religious Citizens Tries To Stop Statue Of The Devil

Richard Gamble and the North Warwickshire borough council:
#241: Planned Monument In Birmingham: “The Eternal Wall Of Answered Prayer”

Roman Ministry of Health:
#224: Romanian Ministry Of Health Failing Regarding Vaccination Information

#039: Russia – Youtuber In Russia Arrested For Playing Pokemon Go In A Church

Russian Government and Vladimir Putin:
#282: Russian Food Firm Forced To Retract Lesbian Family Ad

Samhällsnytt (web site):
#217: Alt-Right Web Site Claims Swedish Health Authorities Are Implementing “Death Forms”

Schloss-Apotheke in Koblenz:
#273: German Pharmacy Sold A Homeopathic Version Of The Pfizer Vaccine

Shieldheadwear & Babypod:
#005: Shieldheadwear & Babypod

#143: Really Wrong Smirnoff In Playing The Non-Gmo & Gluten-Free Cards…

Social media:
#144: Social Media Stops Sex Ed Campaign

Social Media Influencers:
#169: Social Media Influencers Give Bad Diet And Fitness Advice Eight Times Out Of Nine

#163: Blasphemy In Spain: Appeal Court Overturns Acquittal Of Femen Protesters

St. Georgen Waldorfschule, Freiburg:
#301: Dodgy Certificates For Exemption From Wearing Masks Leads To Mass Infections At Waldorf School

Steinar Thorvaldsen and Ola Hössjer:
#244: Scandinavian scientific(?) paper promoting Intelligent Design

Steiner Schools:
#289: Steiner Schools In Sweden Keep Breaking The Rules And Is A Terrible Idea In The First Place

Sweden Democrats Party:
#043: Swedish Democrat Party Moves To Equate Alternative Medicine With Conventional Medicine
#057: Swedish Democrats Denying Climate Change

Swedish Authorities:
#119: Swedish Authorities Using Bad Statistics To Determine Age Of Migrants
#128: Swedish Authorities Spends Lots Of Money On “Climate Therapy”

Swedish Christian Democrats:
#172: Swedish Christian Democrats Leader: “Medical Personnel Should Be Allowed To Refuse To Do Abortions”

Swedish Clinics:
#285: Clinics Allow Patients To Choose Physicians Based On Ethnicity

Swedish Government:
#196: Sweden: jehovah’s Witnesses to receive government grants

Swedish regulations:
#209: Sweden: Acupuncturist Freed Of Manslaughter Charges

Swedish Tantra Festival:
#287: Sweden: Tantra Festival Super Spreader Event

the Telegraph:
#021: The Telegraph For Bad Reporting On The Topic Of The Health Effects Of Eating Chocolate

Thomas Erikson:
#153: Sweden: Bewilderer Of The Year 2018: Thomas Erikson

Tobacco Industry:
#272: Tobacco Industry Backed Paper Suggesting Smoking Is Linked To Lower Covid-19

Turkish Government:
#081: Turkey For Making Schools Stop Teaching Evolution
#267: Turkey Quits Women’S Rights Treaty

UK College of Medicine and Integrated Health:
#205: College Of Medicine And Integrated Health Offers Course In Nlp

UK Home Office and Ministry of Justice:
#206: UK: Lie Detector Tests For Convicted Terrorists As A Security Measure

UK Ministry of Defense:
#220: UK Ministry Of Defense Buys Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Insect Repellant As Covid-19 Protection

University of Glasgow:
#126: Stupid Study Claims Health Problems Are Directly Due To Too Much ‘Screen Time’, Discounting Other Factors

University of Nicosia in Cyprus:
#075: Stupid Study About Female Homosexuality

Vidar Clinic:
#099: Anthroposophic Vidar Clinic

Viktor Orbán:
#249: Viktor Orbán For Using The Chaos Caused By Covid To Come Up With New Homophobic Regulations

#215: After action from VTDK, the royal dutch medical association again(!) stops accreditation of BS therapy “pri”

#141: WHO to include TCM tn the ICD
#216: WHO removes advice to not use TCM against covid-19

Winfried Stöcker:
#303: Doctor Faces Criminal Charges After Having Administered 20K Of His Own Vaccine

Xiao Hongchi:
#051: Chinese “Healer” Xiao Hongchi charged for manslaughter in the UK