Really Right

Alphabetical list of all the Really Right Awards

Alfred Nobel:
#294: Alfred Nobel had the right idea when he created his prize

the Anti-Vaxx Playbook:
#255: The Anti-vaxx Playbook

#145: Bahnhof defies Elsevier

Bibsam Consortium:
#126: Bibsam Consortium for not renewing Elsevier agreement

#328: 1 billion Euro pledged to decrease Sweden’s CO2 emissions by 3%
#191: for setting things straight

the CMA:
#286: the CMA for fining them (Advance Pharma), big time

Comunicare il Cancro:
#290: Cancer and fake news: One news item in three are false on social media. To the rescue: “Comminicare Il Cancro”

DA! Art Prize:
#211: GERMANY: DA! art Prize Focusing on Pseudoscience with this Year’s Patron – Natalie Grams

Daily Mail:
#162: The Daily Mail (!) for bashing statin deniers
#204: Daily Mail Debunks Stupid Diets

Danish Government:
#077: Blasphemy law repealed in Denmark

the Edinburgh Skeptics:
#085: The Edinburgh Skeptics for organising Skeptics on the Fringe

the European Court of Human Rights:
#298: Midwife denied appeal in European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

Finnish Skeptics:
#091: Skeptical activism keeps Avocado (Wolfe) out of Finland

Gerald Woerlee:
#226: Dutch anaesthesiologist Gerald Woerlee, author of the free book “Anesthesia and the Soul”

Greta Thunberg:
#135: Greta Thunberg, 15, takes a stand for climate

the Guardian:
#059: The Guardian for debunking cancer myths

Hajo Seppelt:
#311: Hajo Seppelt for the documentary “Wie Gott uns schuf”

Hans Rosling:
#061: Prof Hans Rosling for educating the world with facts

Ingeborg Bosch:
#215: After Action From VtdK, the Royal Dutch Medical Association Again(!) Stops Accreditation of BS Therapy “PRI”

Jacob Gudiol:
#122: Jacob Gudiol for breaking down the myths about artificial sweeteners

Jakub Żulczyk:
#267: Polish writer Jakub Żulczyk calls out Duda for being a moron

Jan Korditschke (et al.):
#274: The Catholic priests backing the “Liebe Gewinnt”-initiative in Germany

Kim Källström:
#170: Football player Kim Källström, for not promoting gambling

The Lancet Group:
#183: To the Lancet Group for committing to gender equity and diversity

Lars Gårdfeldt:
#292: Swedish priest refuses to marry heterosexual couples as a protest

Laura Brennan:
#132: Terminally ill Laura Brennan promotes vaccine that could’ve saved her

Manifesto Against Pseudotherapies:
#245: Manifesto against pseudotherapies

Mary MacAleese:
#117: Mary MacAleese, former president of Ireland

the NHS:
#221: The NHS for an excellent information page about homeopathy

the Norwegian Labour Party and the newspaper Dagbladet:
#147: Really Right prize for suggesting the revoking of VAT excemption for alternative medicinal practices.

Ovidiu Covaciu:
#150: Ovidiu Covaciu, educating people about vaccinations in a Facebook group.

the Polytechnic University of Marche:
#290: Cancer and fake news: One news item in three are false on social media. To the rescue: “Comminicare Il Cancro”

Pope Francis:
#332: Pope Francis for making Pope Pius XII.’s archive accessible online

the Public Health Agency of Sweden:
#156: SWEDEN: Chickenpox vaccinations to (finally) be included in national program

Sergio Mattarella:
#305: Italian President Sergio Mattarella asks media to stop the “false balance” of giving airtime to the no-vax movement

#167: are Really Right for relentlessly debunking stupidity – most recently about Notre-Dame.

Staffan Bergström:
#232: SWEDEN: Retired professor and MD turns himself in for assisted death

Prof. Stephen Powis:
#264: Prof Stephen Powis at the NHS

the students at Geschwister-Scholl-Gesamtschule Moers:
#230: GERMANY: Secondary School students in Germany don’t back down from their “tinfoil hat” project

Swedish Authorities:
#314: Sweden finally puts a stop to misleading health claims on supplements

Swedish Board of Agriculture:
#139: Really Right award concerning CRISPR research.

Swedish Food Safety Agency:
#228: Swedish Food Safety Agency invites the public to report illegal ads for supplements against COVID19

Swedish Government:
#182: The end of Anthroposophical ‘medicine’ in Sweden!

Swedish Medical Association:
#025: The Swedish Medical Association, for taking a stand against Anthroposophy

Swedish people:
#069: Swedes for handling an attack in their capital without panic

Things in 2019:
#202: A List of Things in 2019 That Made the World a Better Place

#282: Russian food firm forced to retract lesbian family ad