TheESP – Ep. #296 – Mandatory vaccination



How hard can it be to get people to do the right thing?

We start out with some exiting news about Annika’s upcoming online talk, a huge milestone for Susan Gerbic and Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia and a good legal ruling for Snopes. And our friend Holm Hümmler doesn’t only have a new book out, he also one of the select guests at FerngesprächCon last week, together with Martin Moder and many others.
A special feature this week is our interview with Ovidiu Covaciu about the vaccination situation in Romania and Eastern Europe
Then, we get into the news:

  • GERMANY: Homeopathy is out for Bavarian health education system (not supported anymore!)
  • ITALY: Big protests over mandatory covid green passes
  • INTERNATIONAL / GERMANY: Natalie Grams in English media
  • RUSSIA: Population crises worse, due to covid deaths
  • RUSSIA: Huge methane gas leak discovered by European Copernicus satellite

Segments: Intro; Greetings; Interview; News; Really Wrong; Patreon And Episode 300; Quote And Farewell; Outro; Out-Takes;
0:00:27 INTRO



  • Interview with Ovidiu Covaciu: Covid vaccination status in Romania and Eastern Europe

0:25:13 NEWS



0:51:28 OUTRO

0:52:43 OUT-TAKES

TheESP – Ep. #295 – Leo Burtscher and Climate Change

TheESP – Ep. #295 – Leo Burtscher and Climate Change

In this episode we interview the German astronomer and climate activist, Dr. Leonard (Leo) Burtscher. Leo is a staff scientist at the observatory of Leiden University as well as active in the German skeptics, GWUP. He studies active galactic nuclei in Leiden since 2017 and communicates his research to younger and older audiences. He is also informing the public about the climate crisis in his spare time as a co-founder of the grass-roots movement Astronomers for Planet Earth. Enjoy! The Events Calendar: Relevant links:
TheESP – Ep. #294 – Race to Space

TheESP – Ep. #294 – Race to Space

Sixty years later, Captain Kirk is finally taking off
We're happy to report that a special meeting of ESP hosts took place in Frankfurt this week. In other news, the film industry is heading for the final frontier with Russian actors going to ISS and William Shatner going where no nonagenarian has gone before. Looking back at this week in history Niels Bohr was born in 1885, and apart from describing the atom he also took a stand against the Nazis. Pope Francis, on the other hand, is "sad" because hundreds of thousands of abuse victims have been ...
TheESP – Ep. #293 – Where the Sun Don't Shine

TheESP – Ep. #293 – Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Put it up your bum!
Are people losing their wits as covid restrictions are lifted? Elections and referendums are happening and András goes beyond spacetime in an upcoming book and this week marked 20 years since the Estonia disaster. Pope Francis may be losing it too, since the Vatican Secretary of State has to publicly contradict him. Then we dive into the news:
  • DENMARK: The trend of sticking nicotine up your ass
  • UK: Doctor jailed for exorcism that almost turned into murder
  • INTERNATIONAL: Mesotherapy - Not safe and no evidence that it works
  • SWEDEN: Fire health staff ...
TheESP – Ep. #292 – Querdenker terrorists

TheESP – Ep. #292 – Querdenker terrorists

Radicalized anti-covid activists
After recent events in Germany and Italy we worry that anti-maskers now may be a terrorist threat. In This Week in Skepticism we hear about Jacob Grimm and the possibility that some of the Grimm stories are based on real events(?) Pope Francis seems to have totally lost it regarding the facts about pregnancies, but science has never been the strong side of the Catholic Church. We then dig into the news:
  • GERMANY: Are Querdenkers terrorists?
  • ITALY: Covid terrorists also in Italy
  • GERMANY: New brochure about vaccinations out
  • SWEDEN: Are confessional schools on their ...

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