The Hosts

András G Pintér, Hungary

András ( is the one to blame for initiating this podcast. He’s an original member and vice president of the Hungarian Skeptic Society. After receiving the James Randi Skeptic Award from the journal Természet Világa in 1999, he went on studying biology and environmental science where he also trained to become a teacher. He has given talks at different events and has been a guest on several TV and radio shows related to skepticism across Hungary in recent years. András has also been attending several international skeptic events starting with TAM London in 2010. 

Co-editor of two collections covering the first 10 years of the history of the skeptic movement in Hungary and coordinator of the Hungarian participation of the worldwide “1023 Homeopathy – Nothing In It” campaign in 2011, his main responsibility within the Hungarian Skeptic Society these days is social media presence. Joined (as part of a 7 strong group) Susan Gerbic’s Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia Project in early 2014 and later became leader of the Hungarian Team. He was running monthly Skeptics in the Pub events in Székesfehérvár, Hungary between mid-2014 and late 2015 when he moved to the UK, where he currently lives in Brighton.


Jelena Levin, Latvia

Jelena ( grew up in Riga, Latvia, lived there and finished university. Left the country 15 years ago to come to work and live in the UK. She has now moved to USA. She is a qualified accountant, currently works for a cancer research charity organisation in Seattle. She has been an enthusiastic listener of several different skeptic/science podcasts for a few years now, the most prominent of which is probably The Skeptics Guide to the Universe.

Jelena is active in the Guerilla Skepticism on Wikipedia project, translating pages from English to Russian and vice versa. From there she has found out about various exciting science and skeptics conferences that took place around the world and have been attending those for a couple of years now.


Pontus Böckman, Sweden

Pontus’ ( education is in finance, but he has always had a great interest in history, sci-fi and popular science. He discovered skepticism in 2010 and soon thereafter became deeply involved in local activism, such as organising Skeptics in the Pub and giving lectures on skepticism in local schools. In 2013 he co-founded and became president of the local south branch of the national Swedish Skeptics Society (“Vetenskap och Folkbildning” or VoF). In 2014 he was also elected to the national board of VoF where he currently acts as vice President. He lives in Malmö, in the south of Sweden.