TheESP – Ep. #309 – It's a 'League' of Homeopaths

TheESP – Ep. #309 – It’s a ‘League’ of Homeopaths

No mercy for No-vaxx Djokovic
Sweden had some unusual northern lights last weekend (which Pontus missed) and the Tonga volcanic eruption had an impact on Annika's plans. Don't miss Pontus on next week's ...
TheESP – Ep. #308 – Elisabeth Bik

TheESP – Ep. #308 – Elisabeth Bik

Watch out researchers!
This week we have a special treat for you - we're joined by the one and only Elisabeth Bik! Our interview with her takes us into the wonders of how ...
TheESP – Ep. #307 – What do people believe?

TheESP – Ep. #307 – What do people believe?

Special report: Large Study Released by the Swedish Skeptics (VoF)
We start out welcoming the new year and chatting about the James Webb telescope, Omicron and that the Swedish King and Queen just ...