Live Stream of Ep. #250 – Tonight!


The video stream is available on our Youtube-channel!

Tonight 22 November 8:00 pm CET

Live on Facebook at
Last week marked the 5th anniversary of releasing the first episode of the European Skeptics Podcast. Since then, we’ve conducted more than a 100 interviews and have had several people appearing on the show as guest hosts. We invited these lovely skeptics back for a reunion of hosts to do the first ever live broadcast of our show.
This will be our 250th episode and we would really like you to join us on our Facebook Page where meeting will be broadcast through Facebook Live.
Our panel lists will be:
– Claire Kroulik-Klingenberg
– Deborah Hyde
– Jelena Levin
– Brian Eggo
– Jay Novella

… of course joined by András, Annika and Pontus!
We’ll tell interesting stories and there’ll be a Europe-themed #trivia #quiz as well!
Tune in, comment, ask questions and do enjoy!
The broadcast starts at 8 pm CET on our Facebook page: