Episode #101 – Belgian UFOs, the King of Germany and András goes into politics


On this episode:

The brilliant Brian Eggo (“Eggman”) joins us from Glasgow as guest host and tells all about the Skeptics in the Pub movement in the world.

Then we dig into Belgian UFOs, dowsing in the UK, and how to combat fake news in Italian schools. Before we end, the “King of Germany” gets the Goldenes Bretts award, Macchiarini avoids prosecution and Italian anti-vaccers spread lies about a perfectly healthy child. Plus András goes all political.

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Segments: Greetings and Comments; This Week; News; Really Wrong; Radio Spots; Farewell; Quote; Outro; Outtakes

Greetings and Comments

This Week in Skepticism:
The Belgian UFO wave

News Items 

UK: Water firms use water diving to find leaks:

Italy: Schools to start new program to turn students into “Fake News Hunters”:

Austria: The Austrian Skeptics award the Goldenes Bretts Award to the “King of Germany”:

Sweden: Macchiarini not to be prosecuted in Sweden:

Really wrong: Italian anti-vaccers Corvelva and ‘dead’ baby picture:

Radio spots

Contact details, goodbye and more


“Let us keep our minds open, by all means, as long as that means keeping our sense of perspective and seeking an understanding of the forces which mould the world. But don’t keep your minds so open that your brains fall out! There are still things in this world which are true and things which are false; acts which are right and acts which are wrong, even if there are statesmen who hide their designs under the cloak of high-sounding phrases.”
Walter Kotschnig, Austrian born educator, diplomat and professor at Smith College



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