TheESP – Ep. #380 – Susan Gerbic on skeptical activism


We start by commenting on the sad passing of Tina Turner – even sadder since she at one point turned to homeopathy. That was a choice that she later regretted and it most likely made her condition much worse than it had to be. On a brighter note we have good news about QED in Manchester 23-24 September: first of all there is a QED Attendance Fund that you can either apply or contribute to, all depending on your financial situation. Secondly, it is now confirmed that QED Skepticamp will take place on the day before so you should arrive a day early and possibly apply to speak yourself – link is in the show notes.

Then it is interview time – we had an interesting talk with the fantastic Susan Gerbic who always has so many busy skeptical projects going on. Listen and be inspired!


Segments: Intro; Greetings; Interview; Quote And Farewell; Outro; Out-Takes
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    My kidneys are victims of my not realising that my high blood pressure should have been treated with conventional medicine.
    Tina Turner (26 August 1939 – 24 May 2023), American-born Swiss singer. This quote is part of a statement posted by Turner on Instagram on 9 March 2023, ‘International World Kidney Awareness Day’. /

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