Episode #099 – Prince Charles, homeopathy and onions in your ears


On this episode:

This week we talk about Massimo Polidoro’s new book, the latest Heinz Oberhummer Award and the origins of the Spanish skeptic movement, then move on to discuss Prince Charles who celebrated his birthday this week. On our news segment you’ll hear about the Advertising Standards Authority and their list of claims that chiropractors can actually make, the statement by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons condemning homeopathy while still leaving a few doors open for quackery, Spanish skeptics starting a new campaign based on consultations with the public, a new research indicating that homeopathy might be one of the most divisive pseudoscientific issues in Hungary theses days and how Hungarian authorities stopped the spreading of unregulated ragweed products and how glyphosate has been found not to be associated with cancer.
All that while Anthroposophic Vidar Clinic gets this week’s Really Wrong prize.

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00:07:55 This Week in Skepticism

Prince Charles – Born 14 November 1948

00:14:46 News Items


Advertising Standards Authority publish list of allowed claims for UK chiros:


RCVS criticising the use of homeopathy in veterinary medicine:


New research shows 44% of Hungarians are in favour of Homeopathy:

Authorities ban yet another product made out of ragweed:


As part of an action to make visible the scope and magnitude of pseudosciences in society (especially in the field of health), the data is being collected with the help of several associations and volunteers. Follow this link to submit your links and images:


Glyphosate not associated with cancer

00:39:01 Really Wrong

Anthroposophic Vidar clinic (paywall)

00:47:16 Quote

“Wise men speak when they have something to say, fools speak because they have to say something .”
/ Aristotle, ancient Greek philosopher /

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