Episode #119 – Polio, Hungarian Election, and BS Statistics


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On this Episode:

This week Brian Eggo sits in for Jelena as we talk about Hungarian elections, a medium shocked to discover that people sometimes commit fraud, HIV deniers in Russia, Hans Rosling’s last book and how Swedish authorities have been using bullshit data for years without having a clue.

And of course the Pope gets a mention for getting rid of hell (or did he?).

Plus, we celebrate that QED in Manchester is announced for October with The Skeptics Guide to the Universe crew, George Hrab and Helen Arney!

Please also check out our event page at http://theesp.eu/events_in_europe

Intro; Greetings; This Week in Skepticism; Skeptical News; Really Wrong; Quote; Farewell; Outro; Out-takes

Show notes:

00:00:00: Intro

00:00:27: Greetings

00:07:07: This week in Skepticism

00:12:27: Skeptical News

00:38:28: Really Wrong

00:44:57: Farewell

00:46:27: Outro

00:47:42: Out-takes