Episode #096


A massive shout-out to Richard Saunders for dedicating such a great chunk of the latest episode of The Skeptic Zone Podcast to us winning the Ockham Awards 2017.
Then you can listen to some of the interviews András recorded at CICAPfest in Cesena, Italy, while on the ‘About Time Tour’ with Susan Gerbic and Mark Edward.
Francesco Grassi is an expert on crop circles (actually makes them) and an author of a book on the topic, Francesco Paolo de Ceglia is a #science historian talking about the ‘blood miracle’ of Saint Januarius and of course, Massimo Polidoro (chief executive of CICAP) talks about the festival and what it might become in the future.
Please, don’t forget to check out our events calendar, on which you’ll find that Jelena and Pontus will soon be busy participating in a panel discussion at Ratio in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Intro; Greetings & Feedback; Interviews from CICAPfest

Show notes:
INTRO music

Greetings & feedback

  1. We are talking about one of the oldest skeptic podcasts out there – The Skeptic Zone Podcast and his host Richard Saunder who covered our winning of Ockham Awards 2017 at this year QED conference in Manchester. We also briefly talk about the CICAPfest and after a quick intro we go straight into the interviews
  2. If you’re interested in the events happening across Europe, please visit our calendar page.

Interviews from CICAPfest


Francesco Grassi – the author of the book Crop Circles Signs of Intelligence


Francesco Paolo de Ceglia – scientist and historian. Andras talks to him about  San Gennaro miracle


Massimo Polidoro – chief executive of CICAP, talks about the festival and what it might become in the future.




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