TheESP – Ep. #353 – Down unda, part 1

– Sydney Skeptics in the Pub!

Our two-week long tour to Australia has begun, the main event of which will be the Australian Skeptics National Convention (SkeptiCon) in Canberra between 3rd and 4th December. But beforehand, we will have a few stops along the way where local branches organised events for us that we can’t wait to attend.

The first event of our tour has now concluded. It was a Skeptics in the Pub event in Sydney, with short talks as well as an interview with Australia’s most popular science communicator, Dr Karl, and host of The Skeptic Zone, Richard Saunders. This week, instead of a regular show, we are releasing a special recording of the whole evening.


Segments: Intro; Greetings; Sitp Sydney; Farewell; Outro; Out-Takes;
0:00:42 INTRO



0:55:02 FAREWELL

0:55:59 OUTRO

0:57:14 OUT-TAKES