TheESP – Ep. #418 – Fake cancer cures with Brian Eggo


Brian Eggo is certainly bo no stranger to this podcast. Relentless in his quest to spread the skeptical word, he is known as the main force behind the Glasgow Skeptics, one of the great people behind Skeptics in the Pub – Online and a frequent speaker and guest on several podcasts. This week we interview him about the time when the big C came to his family and he decided to find out what the internet would have to recommend someone in his position. While a lot of the advice he got was likely given in good faith, it was nevertheless pretty bad. Hear him tell all about everything from totally ineffective “cures” like homeopathy to downright dangerous modalities like black salve and MMS.

Enjoy! (if that’s the word)

Segments: Intro; Greetings; Interview; Farewell; Outro; Out-takes

0:00:26 INTRO



  • Brian Eggo: The Eggman himself tells all about his adventures in woowoo land when it comes to alternative cancer cures. He is also head honcho over the Glasgow Skeptics and a wellknown speaker, as well as occasional co-host of the ESP.

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