TheESP – Ep. #297 – Iris Hinneburg


Which pill would you take?

We start this week with handing Pontus a Really Wrong award for something he said last week. András is back and among other things he describes his experience with the green pass in Italy. QED has been moved to October next year, but what hasn’t moved is our determination to be there. And please send us your questions for episode 300!
This week’s interview with Iris Hinneburg is all about trying to communicate the importance of distinguishing the good from the bad. How can we educate the public on which “medicines” you can trust? Turn to your latest copy of Gute Pillen – Schlechte Pillen, i.e “Good pills – bad pills”!

Segments: Intro; Greetings; Interview; Farewell; Outro; Out-Takes;
0:00:34 INTRO



0:42:40 FAREWELL

0:47:38 OUTRO

0:48:53 OUT-TAKES

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