Episode #087


This week we’re back with a regular episode and joined by Chris Higgins, who talks about SkeptiCamp Manchester. Charles Richet is our special mention on ‘This Week in Skepticism’.
Then we go on talking about Comité Para, bleach enema treatment on young children, how Sweden’s churches are losing their peole, El Esceptico and the great organisation behind it, and how the use of alternative medicine makes you more likely to die of cancer.
We also talk about the failed PSI-tests conducted in Germany by GWUP and how the Rationalist Party in Hungary might have taken a silly step towards a public debate about Homeopathy.

Intro; Greetings & Feedback; This Week in Skepticism; Skeptical News; Really Wrong; Quote

Show notes:
INTRO music

Greetings & feedback

  1. Chris Higgins talks about Skepticamp at QED conference in Manchester. If you would like to give a talk please register here. There is still time.
  2. If you’re interested in the events happening across Europe, please visit our calendar page.

This Week in Skepticism

Charles Richet – French physiologist at the Collège de France, who coined the term ectoplasm

Skeptical News

  1. BELGIUM: Comité Para has a new board
  2. UK: Mother investigated by police for using bleach enemas on autistic son
  3. SWEDEN: Church of Sweden losing members fast
  4. SPAIN: El Esceptico Nr. 47 out + subscription to newsletter
  5. INTERNATIONAL: Use of alternative medicine hastens death of cancer patients
  6. GERMANY: 3 failed PSI-Tests conducted by GWUP
  7. HUNGARY: Referendum to keep homeopathy out of medicine

Really Wrong:

Fake news: Cure for Homosexuality

Skeptical Ads

Farewell & Skeptical Quote

“The search to know has always been characterized by the need to doubt, the need to be critical, including the need to be self-critical.”
/ Gerhard Casper, German born professor, former president of Stanford University /



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