Episode #013, feat. Vassilena Valchanova & Liubomir Baburov


Featuring a short interview with Vassilena Valchanova and Liubomir Baburov, founders of the Bulgarian organisation called Ratio and organisers of Sofia Skeptics in the Pub.
Intro; Greetings & Listener feedback; On this day; What’s on in Europe?; What’s hot in Europe?; Interview with Vassy and Liubo; Logical Fallacies; Really Wrong; Quote
Show notes:
INTRO music
Greetings & Listener feedback

On This Day: 9th March
Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin (Russian: Ю́рий Алексе́евич Гага́рин, 9 March 1934 – 27 March 1968) was a Russian Soviet pilot and cosmonaut. He was the first human to journey into outer space when his Vostok spacecraft completed an orbit of the Earth on 12 April 1961.
“Looking at the earth from afar you realize it is too small for conflict and just big enough for co-operation.”

What’s on in Europe?

Please, check out the Skeptic Calendar of Events in Europe

What’s Hot in Europe?

  1. The Good Thinking Society investigates chiropractors and osteopaths
  2. Follow-up on colloidal silver
  3. University of Barcelona puts and end to its Homeopathy Masters programme
  4. Spanish man killed by ignorance
  5. Russian man on trial for ‘no God’ comment in internet chat


Interview with Vassilena Valchanova and Liubomir Baburov

Logical Fallacies – Fake precision fallacy

Really Wrong: 
Update: Karolinska Institutet – for failing to protect the public from the actions of a quack

This week: Elke Sleurs, Belgian State Secretary for Equal Opportunities, for training police in retrieving “suppressed memories” using hypnosis

True of False

  1. It has been discovered that when dung beetles get lost, they can navigate their way home by looking at the milky way
  2. 14th Century Chinese leader Giocangga managed, to father 867 children, and, therefore, became father to 1.2 million descendants
  3. Researchers discovered that chimpanzees can identify other chimpanzees individually from seeing photographs of their rear ends

“We live in a world where unfortunately the distinction between true and false appears to become increasingly blurred by manipulation of facts, by exploitation of uncritical minds, and by the pollution of the language.”
/Arne Tiselius, Swedish biochemist, won Nobel Prize in Chemistry/

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