TheESP – Ep. #215 – Snippets for the time of quarantine


We are bringing you a selection of topics this week, some Corona-related and some aren’t:
In the meantime, QED organisers ask you to hold your travel arrengements at this time…
The Vatican issues a decree that makes confessions obsolete, the Good Thinking Society convinces the PSA to impose strict conditions on the Society of Homeopaths, they also team up with Richard Wiseman to support magicians with the Good Magic Awards. A new project aiming at spreading the word of science in the Spanish speaking communities, how the global fight against disinformation is doing, Snopes and their need for help in keeping up their fact-checking work, a Hungarian foundation running an online course to teach children critical thinking skills in the times of COVID-19, GWUP pledging to stay on track with science in their reportings, quacks in the time of Corona, a possible connection between blood type and COVID-19 infections, and Spanish skeptics providing you with enough to read while you’re in quarantine.
The VtdK and the Royal Dutch Medical Association countering a bogus therapy.


Intro; Greetings; This Week in Skepticism; Pontus Pokes the Pope; News; Really Wrong / Really Right; Quote and Farewell; Outro; Out-takes

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0:00:27 INTRO


QED organisers warn not to book your flights and accomodation just yet.

Prof. Richard Dawkins was born on 26th March 1941.

Don’t Worry. If you die from COVID19, you are forgiven…

0:18:05 NEWS

  2. UK: PSA imposes strict conditions on Society of Homeopaths after judicial review requested by the Good Thinking Society:
  3. INTERNATIONAL: Homeopathy for everyone – against COVID-19?
  4. UK: The Good Magic Awards
  5. UK/SPAIN: Science-me a story
  6. INTERNATIONAL: The global fight against disinformation
  7. INTERNATIONAL: Snopes and the need for fact-checking in the times of crisis
  8. HUNGARY: Online course for students aged 13-15 to learn how to be a critical news reader
  9. GERMANY: GWUP pledging to follow science regarding COVID-19 news reporting
  10. SWEDEN: Corona means big business for the quacks
  11. INTERNATIONAL: Connection between blood type and COVID-19?
  12. SPAIN: Reading for quarantine – Escepticos is the largest collection of skepticism-related material in Spanish

After Action From VtdK, the Royal Dutch Medical Association Again(!) Stops Accreditation of BS Therapy “PRI”


“[Science] works! Planes fly. Cars drive. Computers compute. If you base medicine on science, you cure people. If you base the design of planes on science, they fly. If you base the design of rockets on science, they reach the moon. It works.”

/Prof. Richard Dawkins, British biologist, author/

1:04:51 OUTRO

1:06:06 OUT-TAKES

2 thoughts on “TheESP – Ep. #215 – Snippets for the time of quarantine”

  1. Thanks for your podcast. 2 items…

    1. I went to the Homeopathy site to comment on their search for Homeopathic Covid 19 remedies.
    Unable to see others comments or my own. Their Captcha might not be working.

    2. Deepak Chopra, and some other major quacks claim electrons from the ground neutralize your free radicals.
    Modern shoes and carpet are insulators so we are unnecessarily sick. Advice is to go barefoot and electrically ground your self with wires….
    Goop and others sell a grounding products.
    There is a European connection as Groundology in the UK was at least one company selling products to connect you to the ground. I considered the implications of the claims. Some ages, conditions and diets should have more free radicals and more current. That would be diagnostic. Where are the studies, I found none .
    But is did find one reference to the actual measured current. This current if you had it flowing into you for 24 hours was so low that the number of electrons was the same as donated by the oxidation of less than 5 mg vitamin C.
    (something I can calculate with Wikipedia access and my old biology degree)
    Essentially grounding proponents lack the electrons for their claims much like how 30 C Homeopathy proponents lack the atoms.

    If interested I could sent a few pages to document this.



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